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Moto2 crash

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Hi everyone,
So some of you may have heard and some may not but Moto GP Moto2 lost a rider in a fatal accident in a practice session just 2 days ago. Luis Salmon was an up and coming rider who has only been in the circuit a few years. He came up to Moto2 after being hugely successful in the 125cc races. He was doing very well on the Moto2 field himself with many podium finishes.

The reason for this post was to update but to also inform people that things can go wrong at any level of experience. Always wear your gear, be prepared for things that may come at you, and unfortunately if you affairs aren't in order it's something you should get in order.

PLEASE be safe but enjoy riding.
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thanks byte, for this reminder... always sad to see a brother go... but indeed awareness is of the essence, for safe daily riding habits...
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