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here in arizona we have monsoons , lotsa dust and rain, probabbly not good to ride in those right? haha i donno i dont even knwo the basics of riding.
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Rain until almost July but today ---!! WOO HOO 85+ and we were out in full gear in an accident back up for 3 miles on Highway 2. Finally I had to just pull over and get the helmet and coat off while there was one lane trading off. It took forever to cool off. Still feel hot at 11 PM. But all and all a Fantastic Day. We can't handle too many hot days in a row here. everyone gets cranky and starts honking and flipping and cursing. :)

Average Yearly Rainfall: 65.52 in Gold Bar. so we like our Moss.

National Average: 38.64’
WOW, youre in washington. Im just across the water. Here in Bremerton. Actually Port Orchard. Lets ride!!!!! When and where.
lol wow umm i think our rainful for this year is under 2 inches and the temperature right now sits at about 115 , ill post some awesome monsoon pics
they start off as a wall of dust.... yes like the mummy , yes its awesome, and than comes the rain :p
Ratty will know where this is, I've seen them like this, but never been game to drive into one! I love my cars to much.

Pfft disabled embedding... raining mud anyways, this is what it looks like on the outside, inside its raining mud, pours out of the sky.



StockWall said:
WOW, youre in washington. Im just across the water. Here in Bremerton. Actually Port Orchard. Lets ride!!!!! When and where.
We are about 50 miles ne of seattle. I say Monroe but it is Gold Bar. On the way to Stevens pass. Those storms are amazing you guys. I will take regular old rain anyday.
Haha broken hill dust storms! Been there myself a couple times.

Man, Here In Mildura, I've had the same thing in my backyard. :p

And rain, sun, cloud, dust storm, Ride in all of it man. Just go slower and safer, Just like in a car. If its heavily raining, Reconsider because of your visor, And if its snowing... Well I've never seen the snow.. So I'd say fuck that!
Sorry bout the issue with the videos. It wasn't disabled, I just forgot to turn it back on after updating. Also, when you post videos you dont have to use the whole "embed" code. Just paste the url to the video and it will embed it automatically. So something like this http://ww.youtube.com/v/3TH_4lL_DjE&hl=en . If this wasnt missing one of the w's from www...it would show up as a video.
I want no part of those. I'll keep my mild precipitation, thanks.
they only really happen at like dusk so your gtg for the day!
Yeah..they like to start when I'm leaving work. Had some monsoon winds that were soo bad one time that I parked by bike inside the building. People were like what? Why are you doing that? Stupid cagers don't understand that wind can push a bike over...
are they ahrd to ride a bike in?
I tell this joke to my co-workers:

Q: What happens when you're riding and it starts to rain?

A: You get wet.

Car-tards & fair weather bikers don't laugh much.
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