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Tiescher, first, welcome!

Second, many laws concerning vehicle modifications are state-dependent. For instance, any and all exhaust modifications are illegal in California. In Colorado, where I live, exhaust modifications are illegal in two counties of the state. The same goes for head-lights, turns signals, mirrors, even helmet laws.

However, as Coinslot said, the police are usually busy with something else, and unless you're caught speeding, will not get stopped for minor technical infractions, such as mods, unless you're being stupid, obnoxious or otherwise idiotic. If in case a person does something to attract the attention of our fine officers of the law, then the infractions can be compounded on a ticket for a much worse sentence.

In Colorado, we work on a points systems, and each infraction is worth a certain number of points. So, if a rider is stupid, and has all kinds of illegal mods on his/her bike, a small speeding ticket can turn into a massive ticket very quickly. So if we behave ourselves in the presence of the law, we generally get away with a lot.... :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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