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Modification Disasters

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Just got sent this, thought it was worth a post, some really really funny comments. When doing mods, and you dont know what you are doing, ALWAYS check, recheck and triple check. If you are still not sure, dont do it.


Anyone got any stories about things they have done or heard done? Warnings to others about things that shouldnt be messed with?


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Wow...that's freakin hilarious. That dude obviously is not mechanically inclined at all. Wondering if he can make his bike run for a bit when there are several holes drilled into the ECU!
That poor guy! It's all over the world. Ok Iadmit I had to laugh when the vespa forum chimed in too.

I am gonna refrain from telling you my failures it will be all over the world in minutes

I spend half of my life saying "oh sh*t"
did that fool just say thats going to be a great bar story hahahaha, man that sucks big time feel sorry for the dude, i wanna get my plate under my seat too, now i know to watch out where to drill if i even drill anything
AWESOME! I'm gonna drill through my block to put on some frame sliders!
That's Awsome! Wonder if he'll let his "buddy" do any engine mods?? LOL!
redrider said:
AWESOME! I'm gonna drill through my block to put on some frame sliders!

I'm reminded of an episode of the Simpsons where Homer is destroying Flanders' car with a pick-axe. Flanders comes out to confront Homer who says he's just adding "speed holes"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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