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mchief blue ninja

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when asked if i like my new bike, i reply "no i don't like it, ...... i freakin' LOVE it !!!!"


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are you blind delta! sick bike man!
Never mind re looked at the picture and it's stock and R6S_2NR pointed it out.

I was going to say something else but I'm not for the safety of R6S_2NR and the moderators.
That is a nice color out in the sun, i think red and black look great at night. Green looks awesome in any setting though...damn the '09's :(
Nice ride! I'm a big fan of the blue, after the black of course :p


thanks for all the positive feedback. with all this talk about the ninja, i'm gonna go wash it and take it for a nice long ride! ;D
Nice ride. As scarce as the 250 Ninja's are I finally saw a blue one in person yesterday. Nice color, was my second choice. Welcome to the site, I gotta get some rim tape.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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