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MBRP Exhaust

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Check out this kick butt MBRP exhaust modification. . .



If you are intrested in putting this killer system on your bike please contact Steve @ 1-888-636-7223 or go to mbrp.com

Tell him Shnook sent ya and you will get a great deal.
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sounds like twobros or area p. Was that backfiring i could hear?
gonna have to check this out...just live about 2.5 hrs north of Huntsville, where their HQ is located!!! Thanks for the info Shnook!!! Will be sure to mention you as a referral.
yeah it sounds good but i agree with csbrad cuz it does sounds like my two bros exhaust i just bought...idk thats my opinion but still sounds nice either way
ive been on their website and you can't buy the exhaust offline. at least that i can see.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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