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Maxton NC

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Hello All
I will be racing my 250 ninja at Maxton North Carolina.I is a two mile air strip . We race fo top speed in a mile from a standing start .One at a time . The other half of the track is for stopping. like a dragrace only longer.
Anyhow The next meet is May 17-18 . I have my bike ready to go for the Modified Gas 250 fourstroke record. the speed I need to beat is around 100 miles an hour.

I ran last month in April .But due to rain and 10-20 mile an hour wind . I only got one real run with my new ninja. it was bone stock and went through the traps at 87 mph .Not bad consitering the head windand I kinda missed a shift ..


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I wish there were more stuff like that where I live.
Check out www.Landracing.net for a track in your area.
Whare are you living?
that is 500 miles from Bonneville . Only 90 days to plan but you could go up for a couple days.
The texas mile is in east texas. that is a long drive.
How much do you weigh and how tall are you, darkhorse?
hello joe
I am 6 foot and 185 lb. I fit the bike very well from a comfort and riding stand point. But from a purely aero standpoint I am all over the bike.
I am going to change the shield to a bubble style and move the footpegs back. to cleen things up a little
The next Run on the Monster Mile is June 28-29 At Maxton North Carolina . Come but and watch the fun. It is the last chance for the realy fast people to tune and test before Bonneville.Check out WWW.ECTA-LSR.COM
Good Luck to you! Have you done anything else to the bike?
Finally got it ready. Smooth nose 42tooth sprocket woodcraft rear sets and roaring toys lowering links.
That and some little stuff .This is a shot from May . I need to get back and low on the bike.[/img]


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It looks really sharp. Hope you beat the record.
Just back from Maxtom's Monster Mile
It was a hot one . 115 deg f on my little thermometer I stuck on my dash. like 105 air temp. They said between the heat and humidity it was like running at 3600 feet of altitude.Every one was down on power.
I ran all day Saterday made 5 passes @ 101mph. I need 106 but with the heat I was wishing I was bracket racing.
The engine with a 43 tooth sprocket in May ran 104 at the revlimiter. So I changed to a 42 tooth rear sprocket for more speed .
I just could not get past 11500 rpm in 6th gear.
Sunday was a little cooler but windy .
I started over. My new motto is "faster on Sunday"
But still I made two passes at 101 mph.
I was going to pack it up but I needed to see what would happen if I just took off the Yoshi muffler . I figured it would loose some torque and that would make me slower.
Firsr run with open header was 103 mph
The second run went 105 mph .A personal best but no record.
On the third run I went 106.760 mph the land speed record for my class is 106.81 mph .Close even called matching the record
I am thrilled. Considering the heat and my broken ribs .I will be in great shape for September.
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Congrats!!! Sooooo close!


You must be pumped! And with broken ribs! Its within reach now!


Ya it is close. I also moved to 13th place in the points.
I am pumped but I have some real compitition. I am afraid when I show up in September everyone will have no exhaust.
Haha, start a trend. So what is the competition? Any links?

I dont know If I will get into any sort of motorsport with my bike once it arrives. I'm not sure what is offered in Australia. I kinda regret racing my ute, as a daily driver you always worry about breaking something.


No links. but the guy that holds the current record is still running. There is a guy with a rs 250 honda race bike that he put a 250 honda unicam dirtbike engine in . He ran 107 on his first pass. He will be back in Sept plus there is the Super street bike magazine shoot out coming in September. Anything can happen.
Darkhorse did you blackout the head light yourself? How did you do it?
limegreenlighting said:
Darkhorse did you blackout the head light yourself? How did you do it?
He uses a tape I believe, pretty sweet looking, gives it that Moto GP awesomesauce look.
I used tape at first then got a new nose piese with out headlight and merror bumps.
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