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Well it is time to go racing again.
Maxton is in three weeks April 4-5

I have gotten my trusty ninja 250 ready to go . I set one record and finished in tenth place in the points championship last year . So it has done well .

I hope to go the the drag strip this weekend to test my Koso dash. I have a power test mode that is like my own 1/4 mile drag strip.
I have made a number of passes . the best being [email protected] mph. I want to see how it compares to a real race track and see if I can get a 14.99. I don't think it will.

I have done a little to the bike since last year . But I am still on the original engine. I have a new one coming along nicely .

I want to finalise my riding position before I put in the new engine. I removed the seat pad to get lower and behind the tank . I was going to chop the top of the tank off . but I cant see where I am going in that position and I will stick my head up while riding .I will have to see how this works out. I hope to try some different jetting gearing and exhaust options during the weekend

If anyone is going .Stop by my pit Darkhorse racing and say hi.



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Hell yeah, should be good. Still thinking I should take mine out before I sell it. Least get a couple of low power bike runs under my belt before taking something bigger out there. Done plenty in cars, but it will be a new experience on the bike!

Good luck, and we all want a full report with scanned slips!


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