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I'm thinking I'm gonna put the Nelson Rigg Mini Classics on my bike.

I think they're small enough and plain enough that they won't make me look like a goober or a grampa.
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Dude that doesnt look bad at all, I saved the link hell I wanna get one when my bike comes in!

You'll always be a goober!! LOL ;)

How's the new bike bro?
Bah I wouldn't know! She's been in the shop since tuesday, fixing all the stuff the previous owner neglected. It does sound nice though! As soon as I get it back I'll do a video walkaround and try and record a ride on it.
Oh fuckin' sweet bro!!!!

That just sucks! I'd be jonesing for a ride, it is a pretty bike.
YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It was one thing when I was waiting for it to get to the dealer, but now that I have it, but I can't ride cause of a few little safety issues... haha... oh well. Patience is a virtue.
A fanny bag for your bike, Thats cool If i ever knew the meaning of the word haha, But aye that is pretty cool.
Well they have one that will go over your gas tank, similar to a buell. They're not necessarily fanny packs but more or less saddle bags for little stuff. Handy when taking trips and not just commuting.
Yeah If I was gonna get a tank bag it would have to be puny. Not because I'm worried about not being able to see my gauges, it would just annoy me being right there in front of me.
There are these really new and exciting products that actually attach to your back. I think there called a back pack? Or Bag'o'back? Havasack?
Hehe, nice call Lok.

I'm looking for a nice shaped backpack for taking my work stuff in. Rather that then something on the side of the bike.


Lok said:
There are these really new and exciting products that actually attach to your back. I think there called a back pack? Or Bag'o'back? Havasack?
Ummm...Ever been a new rider with weight on your back trying to steer on a new bike? Sucks, and you're risking going over, and we're talking more or less about long term/distance packs for the bike itself. But a back pack, not so loaded so it doesnt shift your weight to and from work, school or whatever is the way to go.
On my Seca (one piece seat) I have a $10 nylon fishing tackle bag from walmart, on the back half of the seat for a tail bag. Bought brass grommet set and put holes in the bottom for some rope.

$15 tailbag FTW.
go kitten!
Well when I start riding it from school to home, I have a two hour ride with COLLEGE textbooks and a weeks laundry, and there's no way I'm shoving all that into a backpack and having it dig into my shoulders for the whole ride. A backpack would be good for a trip to Wal-mart or something, but I just can't swing it for the long haul.
Yep, thats exactly what I'm gonna be going through with my tests coming up accross the state...backpack my ass lol.

So where are you going to college?
Um, do your laundry on campus? Hell, find a laundromat that will do them for you for $1/pound.

The books need to go into a tail bag.
I go to YooDee (University of Delaware) In Newark, DE. I go up and down every weekend, frickin ball and chain keeps dragging me back down south. It's only about 1 1/2 hours if I take 13 up to 1, but thats just straight riding. I figure when I get bored I'll start taking some routes with some chest hair, and that's when I'll not be wanting to worry about the textbooks shifting around on my back.

As for the laundry... why pay at school when I can do it for free at home? There's no depth to how shallow my cheapness is.

P.S. Pretty much the only game in town as far as laundry goes is the rooms in the dorms basements (or right around the corner from me, f*cking sophmore diggs) and they rape the sh*t out of your coin purse. That's right, bringing back the purse comments, baby!
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