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Lots of Accessories from A-tech

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Well i first saw the site A-tech the other day and noticed they had lots of accessories for the 250 even though the entire site is in Japanese. Last night though, i was surfing around 2fiddy.com and noticed the subject of their site came up. It appears according to members on that site, that they will ship the stuff over to the states. All you have to do is email them and they will work it out with you. I plan on doing this real soon since i like the carbon fiber accessories they made for this bike.. I figured i would pass on the news.

Use http://babelfish.yahoo.com/ to translate the site from Japenese to English.. Just insert the url into the appropriate box and you can easily understand what the site says.

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use the links above and they translate the site to english. I think I am gonna get one tof the headlight fairings they look sweet! thanks for the info
Thanks. Everyone is coming up with some sorta stuff to sell for this bike. Its pretty awesome. :)
thanks for the translator too!
Sweet lots of awesome product for the 250. nice job finding this website!
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