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Loose bolts, nuts and screws

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I recommed that each new owner remove both body panels and check every bolt nut a screw you can get to. Of course you cant get to inside the engine, but as I did a tear down on my bike having 25 miles on it, I found quite a few fasteners not to my liking. Tools required were a set of 3/8 and 1/4 metric sockets with rachets and extensions, set of open/boxed 12 point metric wrenchs, flathead and #2 philips screwdrivers, pliars, metric allen wrenchs. My bike is tight now and I have piece of mind in knowing something wil not loosen or fall off in time. Bikes take a lot more abuse while riding down the road than does a car/truck.
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Good advice. This is something they do on the first service I would assume to?


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