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looking good for me

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i was at this yamaha dealership just looking at bikes , i do it for fun sometimes.. .anyways , some guy comes over and starts talkgin to me, good guy , tellss me his friends wants to move up to a bigger bike and is selling her ninja 250, for 3 grand, how awesome is that. so i hope this goes through. maybe in th enext week ill have it, if not the kawasaki deralership called and said mine will be in a week, but ill have to pay 4800 firm no negotiable... i went there and tried.... im thinking just to get my deposit back and buy the used one
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Yea if you can get your deposit back go for it man, that's a steal
sounds good man.. the way these things are selling around here i'm not suprised that the used bikes arn't gonna be higher than the base prices.
decided to go with the dealer one cause the girl wanted 4300 for the bike and it had....5000 k miles on it , 400 more for a brand new bike.....
Still, all she needs to do is put it up on cycle trader and some poor soul living in one of those places where they charge 5000 in just mark-up will buy it.
ha ya i saw some guy selling his used one for 5000 on cycle trader... sad man i was htinking about calling him to say he is an idiot
yah some guy on craigslist listed his at 6000 canadian..still an idiot.
The guys selling it arent the idiots.....the guys buying it is. haha. If some one is willing to pay for it, then $10,000 is a fine price. haha.
ya there taking advantage of people tho haha
Supply and Demand my friends...


got a deal going for a bike for $3000... hope he hold it though, got it down from $3300.
I put a post up that I found a green one yesterday at the dealership for sale. I thought about buying it and putting it on EBAY. I don't think I'm going to do that though. It'll be 4300 OTD.
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