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Looking for nice pictures

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I like the red theme of the site..probably because I like my red bike, but I'm sure other people might like the theme colored after THEIR bike. My only problem is I don't have any pictures of the other colors. So, If you have a Lime Green, Candy Plasma Blue, or Ebony bike, please post your best pictures here. Then, people have 4 nice color choices 8)
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SERIOUSLY! Gimme some pics, lol.
i was thinking the same thing! it would be nice to have a choice of the 4 colors for the themes. i like the candy plasma blue! it'd go very nice with my blue car xD
REDRUM, REDRUM. Red is super sweet. But the other are great too.
Red goes faster !!! hehehehe....But I would say green (if we can get them here in Australia....)
If only we could. Apparently kawasaki plan on releasing green in aus for the 2009 model. Unfortunate for those of us who already have bought one. I'm happy with my black one though =)
I do not mean to demean anyone elses color preference but in my opinion the only color that a Ninja should be is black...possibly Kawi racing green. 8)
i also agree, scruffy. http://www.bikewalls.com/motorcycles/Kawasaki_wallpapers/Ninja/Ninja_250R.html hey redrider this site has high resolution pics of the black and green ninja 250r sorry candy plasma blue riders. i have used these as wallpapers for both of my computers :p. i hope u make the new themes soon
I actually have a collection in a folder on my comp :p I'll .rar it and post it up here soon
I have some on my camera they look as if they belong in a magazine, let me get them downloaded and i will send them your way. 8)
scruffy knows what he's talking about....blacks the best...then blue...then red...then green...
Green can't be last... it's the factory color...
black is too dark and plain on a bike.. U can't see detail.. I'd say green>blue>red>black

But I do only buy black cars! ;)
Lextasy89 said:
But I do only buy black cars! ;)
We shall call him Sir Washalot!
a Green theme would be DOPE!!!!!!!!
i'm trying to look for a blue to purchase...hard to find though
red & green are equally good, with blue and black sharing second place, in my opinion. i got a red one... SOO GOOD
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