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It's a high speed cutting tool, but has multiple speeds.
Has many diff bits.
I use a small about 1/4 inch rounded cutting bit.
This way u can control the amount u want to gring out real well.
I also use this plastic weld to fix it with.
Plastic Welder BIC Warehouse

But a few other brands are available.
Make sure it says bonds to ABS plastics.
U'll need to sand the area also to get it to stick better.
If u do decide to do the fix urself PM me and i can PM u threw it.
U'll need some fiberglass cloth also to help reinforce the area that was cracked.
U'll need to get paint to match the outside or have a shop repaint it.
I ended up painting my broke fairings black after. They were red before n i liked more black then red on my bike.

My fairing was red along with the headlight cover.
I didn't do a great job cause i know i'll scratch it again....
I scratch all my stuff....
Bit rough i guess....
I'll take it all of again this winter n repaint it....


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do what i did.. i had the exact same thing happen, only a little worse looking.

i'm not kidding either.. i'll take pictures if you want.

just take an ass load of packing tape (the clear stuff)... take the fairing off... and go crazy with it on the inside of the fairing. if you do it right.. no one will ever notice ( i know because i've asked people if they ever noticed mine )

if you need to replace a bulb or anything just order those things from the dealer like i did.. just a few dollars.

even with riding in the rain i've never had any problems

much easier than Earl's solution XD

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I shoulda just used duct tape.....
Bitta supaglue.....
Finga nail polish...

:whistling: :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:

Hey Indy.......Joe u hoe...
Little back up....AAAaaaaaa..

:dance: :dance:


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I have a feeling this is going to be a 'Little bit at a time' repair process.
My plan is to take the fairing off
Sand the immediate area
Epoxy weld the crack(I'll need to PM you Earl on the whole cloth backing thing)
Put the fairing back on and ride for a little bit, then move on to prime and paint.
I would just use the whole tape thing, but I figure I better do it 100% plus epoxy sticks better.

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I have a feeling this is going to be a 'Little bit at a time' repair process.
My plan is to take the fairing off
Sand the immediate area
Epoxy weld the crack(I'll need to PM you Earl on the whole cloth backing thing)
Put the fairing back on and ride for a little bit, then move on to prime and paint.
I would just use the whole tape thing, but I figure I better do it 100% plus epoxy sticks better.


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What color paint would I use...? not going through kawasaki because they are too expensive, and my bike doesnt seem to be the normal kawi green.
Color depends on you.
What ever u use u'll have to do on other side too to match.
Maybe that is a all one piece fairing cover?
You will need primer for plastic to make the paint stick.
You'll also need the clear coat after u paint.
I'm working out instructions now on how to do the repair.


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Fairing repair.
Remove fairing first of course.
Now the broke area......
If parts are cracked n not complete broke off try to realign them.
Tape them in place on the painted side with clear packing tape or duct tape.
If pieces are broke off also do what u can to tape n hold them in place.
Now with a dremel tool with a rounded cutting head grind a grove along the
crack about half way threw.
Also rough sand the area on both sides of the crack out a couple inches so the epoxy will stick better.
Your going to need a fiberglass cloth...comes in sheets usually sold in a small plastic bag at hardware stores.
Your also going to need a 2 part epoxy that will stick to ABS plastic.
U may need two tubes or more?
Loctite sells one..at home depot.
Wear cheapo rubber/latex gloves....have a few pairs...
and eye protection n a dust mask...
Now that u have the grove made n area sanded u need to cut a strip of fiberglass cloth wide enough to cover the crack...say a inch or bit more wide.
Whatever the length is. You can do this in pieces for long cracks or weird shaped cracks.
Fiberglass cloth is a bit hard to work with because it wants to come apart the more u screw with it...take ur time.
Now that u have ur pieces cut it's time to mix up epoxy. Mix up what you can work with in the short time u have.
Some will say 5 minutes, some longer....15 minutes
Mix up enough to cover the crack about as wide as ur cloth n as long as your gunna apply it.....good gob if ur going say 4 inches long.
Now you need to spred this along your working area, and then lay your cloth in it
working the cloth into the epoxy good. The cloth will soak it up quite well. Add more epoxy if needed. Remember u don't have a lot of time. Once that section is done, continue on trying to not make the broke parts move as you work.
If you have to... let it dry, then continue.
If there is places that has bolts n screws going threw the fairing u have to cut ur cloth to work around those. Mite be tite fits that u can't build that area up.
Work around that best u can.
Ok...once you have the inside all epoxied n reinforced good u can grind off any rough stuff with the dremel. If it doesn't come up against things don't worry bout it being pretty. No ones gunna see in there.
Now on the front side where u see.....take your time.....
Using the dremel make a grove along the crack about half way in again.
Lightly sand the area out from the crack maybe a few inches each side.
This time u won't be using cloth.....just the epoxy.
Mix up your epoxy, and just fill the crack a bit more then needed. Your gunna sand this smooth after.
I used small wood sticks I cut from paint stir stick to do this stuff.
U may have a better idea. Q-tips might work?
Once it's all dry look it over good. Add epoxy where needed if needed.
Now you gunna have to sand the epoxy down to get it smooth.
I found the epoxy harder then the plastic so go slow n take ur time.
I wiped dust off with a papertowel with mineral spirits.
Then wipe dry with paper towel..
Any bad spots u can either use more epoxy or auto body bondo filler.
I just used epoxy...i had that.
Once to your specs.....now it's time to prime....
I just used a krylon primer from Walmart.....
You use what you like.
You'll have to decide on your paint.
I primed 2 coats
Lightly sand between coats with at least a 660 grit sandpaper.
Finer the better.
I used a 1000 grit wet paper, but didn't bother wet it.
I also just use a flat black paint.....then after 6-7 coats went with 4 coats of clear.
That was good enough for me cause I know i'll screw it up again....
It's my nature....LOL
Hopefully you can understand all this....
Questions feel free to ask.
U can also take pictures of problem u have if any, and send those to me....
[email protected]
Or host them on a site......
I use: TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
And then link to them
Then i can see what any problem is n describe how to make get around it.
When i dropped my bike 2 times last year i really broke the right side fairing good in like 6-8 places. It is made up from a bunch of sections with tabs holding it all together. Broke the plastic, broke tabs. But taking my time i fixed it well enough u cant see the places that broke.
Later i broke the left side along with the headlight cover, and ripped a mirror off too.
I did good on the fairing, but didn't take the time on the headlight cover. I'll take it all off after the seasons over...n...repaint where the red is showing threw. I scratched it up....., and I will do the headlight cover better so it don't show.
OOOooo.....how i dropped it.....
First time i was starting out from a stop sign when a big dog came running at me with teeth a chomping. I turned to side of road where it was sandy getting away from the dog. Foot slipped in sand...down it went. Dog bit front tire 2 times n ran off....
Next trip it was a rainy day.
Had rain gear on..n...the pants had a strap that went under heal. That got caught in kickstand at gas station.... thought it was down when i went to get off.....guess what.....it flipped up n i didn't know. Landed on the concrete risen part by the pumps. KaSmash...real good.
Cut the dam straps off right there....

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