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I had to replace my License Plate Bulb to pass inspection today, so I wanted to get a bulb that was compatible or a suitable replacement to the stock bulb. Here is what I came up with.

The stock bulb is a Stanley R5W bulb designed for 12 volts / 5 watts max, avg. life of the bulb is approx 500 hours

A more suitable replacement bulb is the Sylvania 67LL Mini Bulb. This bulb is designed for 13.5 volts / 8 watts max. Operating at 12.8 volts, wattage is 7.3 watts. Light output is 41 lumens and has an avg. life of approx 9,000 hrs.

The bulbs are the exact same size, but the 67LL (Long Life) bulb is better and a slight bit brighter and can be found at any auto parts store. The 67LL bulb is used on autos as a license plate bulb. This bulb will fit the 2001 -2007 Ninja 250 as well.

Others owners have replaced the stock bulb with a 1156 bulb. This bulb will fit because the base is the same size, but may be a tight fit inside the housing. This bulb is much brighter (26.9 watts / 402 lumens, a little overkill for the license plate) However this bulb may produce a little more heat ( which could possibly distort the lens), as it pulls 2.10 amps compared to the .57 amps of the 67LL, and has an avg. life of approx 1200 hours.

Cost of the stock bulb:
Cheap Cycle Parts- $6.40 each
Ron Ayers- $2.65 each
Cycle parts.com -$4.27 each

Cost of the Sylvania 67LL Mini Bulb:
Advanced Auto Parts- $4.99 (2) two per pack


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I also had to replace my LP light. I found that the sylania 5007 LL works as well. However the glass bulb is slightly smaller, the base is the same size. I also went ahead and replaced the tail/brake light with a sylvania silverstar 1157 ST, It is much brighter than stock. If I have any issues I'll post them.
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