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Hello all,

After some good quality after market levers for a new model 650 Ninja. ASV won't make the clutch but already have the brake lever ( go figure) but I after something in black or red that matches the red spring on the shocks & black paintwork.

Also are their any crash knobs yet available for this model?

Cheers Hawkeye

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Welcome to the site Hawkeye!
Unfortunately since you have such a new model, new accessories will take some time to become available. As with the 09-11 model 650's one lever was carried over from the previous model but the other was not and it took a lot of time before it became available. Check out Pazzo, they are another major producer of levers, and excellent quality.
As for the sliders/crash knobs, I got mine from a guy in Thailand, who I know for a fact is currently developing new sliders for the 2012 model.
You can get some products from this place Ninja 650 Shop Online Store
They even have some Pazzo levers available in a pair.
Good luck with it all.
BTW, take the time to introduce yourself in the New member section, and post up some photos of the new 2012 model, it looks good!!
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