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You can buy the Tridon EL-12 Flasher if you have LEDs either on the front or the rear. If you have more than 4 LEDs you will need to buy...

1. Tridon EP34 relay- Can be found at just about any autoparts store, or can be easily ordered from amazon. It has 3 prongs, each marked B,L,& E. You ground the E pin on the relay. To do this, you need about 12" of wire, attach a 14gauge female spade connector to one end and a ring terminal on the other end. You slip the female spade connector onto the E-pin, then screw the ring terminal to a ground somewhere on your bike.


2. CF12ANL-01 flasher relay- It has 2 prongs just like the stock flasher so you don't need to add any ground wires, but you will likely need to order from this website [url]http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-b...2Fflashers.htm[/URL]. as they aren't found at your local auto store or amazon.

These methods have been tested and proven to work.
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