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anyone else done this?

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LED lights on my ninja

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;DMy 08 ninja 250 with LED lights... this baby gets lots of attention ...
here is the ebay link.. well the link is no longer available but here is the web page... www.ledaccentlights.nethttp://http://http://http:// = 8)

and a vid of it.. just to make it a little more interesting..
08 ninja 250 with LED lights


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pertty sick! im not a big fan of that makes it look like a fast and the furious type of thing like cars with underglows..yuck! but looks good it shines alot most peole only have it shine like in three places, do you ride with them on? thats like the best reflector you can buy hahaa
awesome dude. i plan on getting some as well but i have to get mine road worthy first. my bike is black and i'm going to go with purple lights.
pianoman, do you go to ksu? i was at the ksu husker game on saturday, i go to unl.
yeah i do. i didn't go to the game though. i got my cycle that day at 1 so i was playing around with it instead.
Its very visible at night and drivers do notice u riding next to them.
Nice work hi-tech.

With those night shots of the bike, something you can try if your camera will let you, set it up on a stool or something and get the bike in the frame, then set the camera to open the shutter for a longer period. It has to be very still. This should be more representitive of what we would see. Brings out the blacks and other colours.

How have you switched them? Any install pics? What type of led's... :D


I got them from ebay. For like 50 dollars the hardest part was to figure out where to install them... so what I did was grab a 9 v battery and light one up and place it in the location that It will brite up more on that area..
Can you post the link from ebay for these lights?
Looks great and only blind cagers will not notice you at night. Not for me though, just don't like the attention.... Cheers
looks good im gonna get green to go with my black bike... a nice kawi accent lol
I like LED lights, ill do red though, because every in my town has blue. Also it tells drivers hey red lights, red ,that mean stop. So it looks good and it keeps you/me safe.
.. blue??
wow im suprised cops arent pulling those guys over.
or just switch it off then they come by? lol

but good point - red does mean stop. i like that.
only certain colors are legal (blue, red, purple, green, yellow, white and one other i can't remember).
Yeah I got the switch hidden its not easy to find. I can actually leave them on over nite and the battery still will be good in the morning. LED lights will not draw much power off the battery. Ofcourse u don't want to make it a habit. I am working on my next project on the bike, adding a 12v plug for cell phone,gps,chatterbox, etc.... and have it hidden as well
here you go enzomatrix with pics and web page update as promise.. hit me up for any questions.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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