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led flush mounts help

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I recently purchased these signals.. now when i remove my signals and try to insert these, the stub is to short and it wont reach through the hole.. anyone use these??

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I haven't heard of anybody using these yet, but post a pic, and take a measure of how much too short the stalk is and maybe we can figure something out....
thanks.. ill get pictures tonight
Those are nice. Are they specifically designed for the '08-'10 250r? Also did they come with a electronic flasher unit or diodes made for LED"S? From what I've heard there are only a couple of flush mount units made for the 250r that do not require some modification (especially LED'S) and they are expensive.
I've seen a flush mount done with the LP USA FLUSH MOUNT IV TURN SIGNAL CLEAR 122-9737 with minimal modification (reshaping) of the light housing.


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Are those the factory fronts that you have modified? If so do u have a DIY for it? Cause I've seen one somewhere and forgot 2 bookmark it and can't find it now. Cause that is how I'm going 2 do mine.
RD, Ghost is talking about this:


This is what I did to my bike for now...
Those aren't mine. I still have stock ones with tinted lenses.
that is the one with the plastic nut and washer in the back right?? well i had the same problem...its not long enough to reach the back....so i just took a saw and saw the part where its stickin out in the back of ur fairing? and change the washer to a bigger one....hey it works...

And by the way when you first install it, did the light just stay bright? Not blinkin? I had that problem and went to kragen/autozone/even my local bike repair shop to look for a LED relay, but they dont have it....but the guy who work at kragen( who also own a bike) told me to buy the LED resister?? its a square tube thingy, the size of ur pinky.......and installed that and it worked
Those flush mounts look like ass, do-over.
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