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Laid her down for down for the 2nd time!!! :(

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Friday I laid my Ninja down for the 2nd time in the past year.5. But this time it was totaly not my fault at all. I was in the slow lane just taking my time, and all of a sudden this woman which was in the fast lane pulls over into my lane and slams her brakes on for no reason!! Luckly I didnt run up under her car I didnt have no choice but to lock her up and go with it. 3 people seen it. The woman two cars ahead and the gentlemen behind me. We all agreed it was her fault. And the funny thing is as soon as I went down she got back into the fast lane and got out of the area as fast as she could. People just dont care anymore. So my advice to the new riders out there watch your back and pay attention. The insurance company will be here sometime next week to adjust the price damage so I should be back on the road rolling in no time.
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Glad to hear you're alright man. I've been lucky enough to have never laid it down, but since I just moved into the city, from the boondox, I know it's only a matter of time before some ass isn't paying attention and does the same thing, or worse...
Sheeayte, glad you're alright man. Did you/anyone get her plates?
Damn dude! Glad to hear you're okay, wtf is with people? I just sit here and watch people drive and it amazes me...
Yea me too and no mrdaf I didnt get a chance to get her plate # and neither did anyone else. Like I said she knew what she did and get away as fast as possible after I went down.....what I would give to know her plate # tho.
A$$hole drivers. Glade your o.k.

I know my next question may make you cry. Do you have any pics of your bike?
None of after I wrecked sorry dude basicly the entire left side is f*ucked but insurance will fix it I just have to pay $500 to fix the damages.
ah insurance, you pay them a monthly fee and in the end you'll have to pay for the damages to your vehicle...what a rip off, and what gets me is its the law. Its a sick sad world.
Agreed, insurance is a rip.

Glad to hear your ok. I remember the 1st time I laid a sport bike down lol. Now that I've matured I have found a new respect for these machines. Whats it going to take for people to start paying attention like the way we have too?
Ouch never like to hear this, people just have no consideration for other cars let alone bikes... on a positive side, anything you could learn from this? Something to help keep you rubber side down?


Glad to hear you're ok. It's a good thing you kept on the rear when you locked it up, it might have turned out differently if you high sided.
I did slide. I didnt grab the rear breaks instead has a habbit I grabbed the front, and that is one reason I went down.
thats sucks :(

glad your ok though!! i really hate drivers like that.
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