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Hey there ladies! Feel free to introduce yourself, tell about your riding experience, and ask any questions that you want to! Someone will surely have an answer! ;)

I'll start us off: I'm pretty much a newb. Started riding my own bike last July, had a dual-sport, and sold it a few months ago to buy the new '08 Ninja in passion red. Had about 1100 miles on the dual-sport, and have a little over 500 miles on my Ninja. LOVE riding my own bike though. My husband says its because I love the attention from shocked people who can't believe I ride my own bike, just as much as I love riding it. Haha, he might be right, it's pretty darn fun to see people's faces when I say, "yeah, that's my bike." ;D

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Haha, I know RED. I'd never question your decisions on the site. In just the few months that it has been up it has gotten pretty busy day by day. It's great.

LilRed......Passion red is HOT!

Antdawg......Blacks cool, haha. I guess Ill slow my red one down a little for you. haha.

But just remember, even though other passion red (redmagnolia) bike are on here, mine is still the fastest and coolest.

What am I doing in the "womens only" section? Man, see what you did MAGNOLIA.
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