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Ladies, Introduce Yourself!! (No Male Posting in This Thread)

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Okay Ninjette and other lady riders! I'm curious as to how many of us on are here now, so post away! The guys aren't allowed to post in this thread per my rule (hehe, Maggie, the Stinking Genius strikes again!!)
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you first :)
LOL, okay fine, but you already know a lot about me.

I've been riding for a little over a year now, first bike was a dual-sport, and sold that in May to buy my new Ninja. LOVE my little red ninja, it's great! Still a newb as far as riding goes, but I'm trying.

I live in KY, love horses, and my other passion, which most know now, is going to Nicaragua and helping out people there.

Hmmm, what else...I love being funny and sarcastic, and most days, there's a smile on my face, for some dumb blonde thing I just did...take yesterday for example, LOL. Our church was delivering back to school stuff to refugees that live here in town, and I glanced really quickly at a paper, then started telling my copilot where to drive us. Well, we drove up and down this road three times, only to realize the address I was looking at was the church address....LOL. Yup, that's me, happens a lot, bless my heart. I'm gifted like that. But it makes people laugh, so at least that's a good thing!

Oh, and I've been married, going on four years now, and I have two beautiful dachshunds which I adore!

How's that for an intro? Enough information? ;)
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hi ladies! finally - a ninja 250 forum i can post in so i won't feel like an idiot! i took the MSF class back in september and had played around with the idea of getting a bike...hubby has one. i finally got the guts to get one in december and it was a good little bike - 2004 blue ninja. then i got the bug to start looking for a new one about 2 months ago. man were they hard to find. but i found one last month - it's black and beautiful! it had 1200 miles on it when i bought it and it's now got over 1600. can you tell i like riding it? i just started riding to work which is a little spooky; i am not too comfortable on major interstates so i take the back roads which sucks b/c i have to go thru like 4 school zones and it takes me double time to get work and then back home, but i enjoy every minute of it. i only have the one pic so far. i bought some flowery girly stickers from tapeworks and i am going to accent my bike...already did the helmet and i love it! :D yep, i'm cheesy but i'm a girly girl. people think i'm crazy for riding with full gear but i'll tell them i'd rather sweat than bleed - my husband said that one day. anyways, thanks for letting me post! lori
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Hi I'm new to the site, looking at getting a bike. I have no experience so learning everything I can. I'm a girl, lady, women, female whatever you want to call it. I have 3 dogs (Dachshund's and Love them to death). Thats about it. So I think that makes 4 Lady's on the site.

Welcome Loribelle and Delta107! YES! Two more ladies! I think it's actually more than 4 on the site, it's gotta be at least 6, lol. You'd think there'd be more of us, considering that this is a great women's bike!

And do tell Delta107 about those doxies! I stinking love mine and love hearing about other people's!

Hehe, loribelle, I got a perfect score on my MSF tests (not bragging at all just showing what worked for me..), b/c I figured out while struggling through the practice sessions, that the less I thought about that figure eight and the more I just rode it, the better I did. I'm weird like that though, I overthink things and then start worrying, lol, so sometimes I just have to let it go and just ride.

But anyways, welcome ladies!
I love my defiant stoborn dogs. Scooby he's 4 years old. Mom said if I saved a $1,000 I could get a dog, well $1,000 later he's not my dog, he likes mom more than me (I want a refund, Just kidding).

So thats why I got the other 2 Oreo and Cliffoard there brothers and they are 21/2 years old they are awsome. Oreo he has P.D.D (Puppy Defisit Disorder) he the smallest of the three, he has issues he dosen't like other people because he was abbused when he was a puppy. Clifforad acts like a Rolly-polly (I think that how you spell it o well), when he gets scared he rolls over, and he is bult like a bulldog. Scooby is a little turd, but I love him. Scooby loves to give people kisses.

How about yours REDMAGNOLIA?

LOL, they sound adorable!! I've got two, the first one is Tucker, he's two and a half, a beautiful black/silver dapple, and smart as all get out. You can talk to him and he'll cock his little head and listen, so cute, and so totally dignified. My other one, Bentley, is the complete opposite. He's a brindle, about a year old, and super funny/silly. He's always got at the very least, two toys, in his mouth, and is always tearing around the house, trying to entice Tucker to play with him. I adore my two boys, and they both seem to prefer me to my husband, haha, so of course I love that too! They're not allowed to sleep in our bed at night, but I always give them a little bed cuddle time if I go to bed before the hubby, and they love that. Both of them curl up next to my legs and burrow down, and get all sad when the hubby comes and picks them up to put them in their kennels, hehe. Awww, I'm at work, so now I miss them....
They sound adorable. Oh if you couldn't tell from there names, all my dogs are boys.
Welcome to the new gals.

ok here goes, Zartan aka Starla .
Riding for about 25 years. on and off road. Usually smaller displacements 250 and under. (Short)
Married 20+ years and together 25 + years
No children -by choice - they grow up and borrow your bikes.
2 dogs -2 cats,
3 gold fish.

Current occupation
Realtor- Hard work and love it. Don't let anyone one tell you we get overpaid. you have no idea the cost to run the business. and the hours and deals that fail and we never get paid for.
but helping out folks with their home needs is a good feeling.

Past occupations

Sales parts MC, Trailers different co.s
accounting clerk
wood worker 15 years and I have all my digits !! amazing.
own gardening co 5 years
general other stuff....

Live in a town of under 3000 people, It is ******* to some but Paridise to us.

Usually work out of a town of 20K Seattle Wa USA is about 1 .25 hours away.
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zartan said:
No children -by choice - they grow up and borrow your bikes.
LOL, this is my favorite part!
redmagnolia said:
zartan said:
No children -by choice - they grow up and borrow your bikes.
LOL, this is my favorite part!
Hi i'm Kristie, i just bought an 08 red 250R ninja, Its my baby, my pride and joy, I got sick of going for rides on the back of my boyfriends bike.


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Welcome and have fun.! Another Austraila person. There are quite a few on the forum. Yuu just might be able to make some new riding friends, depending where you are. but alas I am in the states too far away!!
Now we have what 7 - 8 girls. Welcome Grizz!!!
Thanks, the site is good it gives me ideas on how to modify my bike later on when i get use to riding a bike.
Hey ladies! I'm Courtney....I found this site while looking at a youtube video on how to clean/lube your chain and I'm soo happy I stumbled upon it. I got an '08 in red (thus the name) back in March much to the dismay of my family. Lol. Me taking the MSF course helped ease their minds...not much, but a little bit. I'm in love with this bike! First got interested when I dated a guy with one of those Kawi supersport bike. Way too big, way too much power for me and this bike is the perfect fit. Now to get personal...
I'm a business management student, but work at the hospital as a CNA. Only have a boyfriend, no kids, and no pets, and I live in Charleston, SC. Umm..I think that's it!
Welcome to the secret ladies club. Just kidding. Welcome.

I guess I'm the only girl on here that doesn't have a bike yet. *sigh*
Perhaps the only girl...not the only enthusiast w/o one. Your time will come. I see that your young, how does your family feel about you getting a bike?
Hi Reezie welcome! Is you bike lowered also??
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