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So, some of you know I like to ride year round. Snow and ice make that difficult, and getting a car is too expensive... :p

So, next option - knobbie tires with enough meat and proper tread shape to be able to mount ice-screw and or bolt IN BETWEEN the treads if I have to gain EXTRA purchase on the really slippery stuff.

After a test-ride on dry asphalt I really can't wait for it to snow! As with most dirt tires, hard cornering suffers, but not by much. At least, not that I could notice with the temps hovering around 40F and sand in the roads. Meaning, I couldn't ride that hard anyway. However, noticed a massive change in handling. The front is HEAVY! And not nearly as firm as it with road-tires. Totally understandable, and should be great for up to 50mph in snow/ice... I think that's the fastest I'll be going in those conditions. Also totally cool up to 80mph (then the popo appeared and I had to slow it down) on dry pavement, so no worries there.

They are IRC GP1 3.00 in the front (although I think a 3.50 would clear the stock front fender as well), and 5.10 (I think) in the rear.

No no no, I probably won't take these tires on the dirt, because they are too hard-core for that...

You might laugh at that statement, but the suspension isn't designed for dirt roads, and with these, I would break something, so I'll stick to my slick in the dirt...


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I hate that I don't have money! So many cool things I want to do. Why am I responsible and save money for higher education?? WHY!!!!
Cause you don't listen to us enough!!!:p

After all your time on here........I dunno I give up!!;D

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Be care full ice tho.....even with studs......
I did this to a Honda 500 xl once..... Got to brave n down it went...
Lucky there was a big soft snowbank on that corner.....

Saved my ass 4 sure....

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