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Kickstand switch removal

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So apparently I was too much into getting my grip heaters and frame sliders on to take more than 1 picture on how to take the kickstand switch off... Luckily however, it is the ONLY pic you really need. First, why take off the switch? If the kickstand is down, and the bike is put into gear, the engine gets killed so you can't drive off with the kickstand down.... A nice little feature for new riders who might forget their kick stand down (instant reminder when your bike just quits....) ;D

1.)However, as I've posted before, I like to lube my chain quickly and dangerously.... It's easier to get to the chain when the kickstand is down, but with the switch in place, the engine won't run, which means the chain, etc won't turn.

2.)It is really embarrassing when you do try and take off with your kickstand down and the bike just dies... But it can look really cool if you take off as you pull up your kickstand.... (This however is dangerous)

3.)My personal habit has been to pull into a parking spot, put the kickstand down and lean the bike on it, and then turn it off. I have absolutely NO GOOD REASON for doing this, it's just the way it happened, and I get aggravated when the kick stand kills the bike BEFORE I WANT IT TO TURN OFF... No stupid machine will tell me what to do!!!

So, the switch is obviously located right next to the hinge point of the kickstand, and is bolted to the frame with 1 BOLT, not any of the little screws....
1.) Unbolt that bolt and the switch comes off the frame. Trace the wires upward into the fairing and such forth until you find this little bugger:

Unplug it, and short (connect) the contacts on the plug that is still attached to the motorcycle... If you DO NOT short the plug, the bike will think the kickstand is ALWAYS down, and you won't ever get to ride it again (Sad days)....

Now I like to make all my modifications as reversible as possible (obviously that's not always the case), so what I did to short the two pins in this plug is:
1.) pull both pins out of their black little plastic encasement (the plug)
2.) Wrap them together with a piece of wire to make sure they will stay in contact until YOU DISCONNECT THEM AGAIN!
3.) Wrap it all up with some electrical tape or heat shrink... I personally used heat shrink tubing, because it's vastly superior! No switch, no hassle no mo!
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This sounds really cool but can you clarify what this means

"short (connect) the contacts on the plug that is still attached to the motorcycle"

Im not that mehanically inclined just simple stuff like oilc change an taking off chain to clean an lube it that etc, any info would be good I too hate how the dam thing turns off when im still in first an put the k.stand down.
When you unplug these two connectors, one is attached to the bike (the male end), and one is attached to the kickstand switch (the female end). Once unplugged, you can remove the kickstand switch unit, which is the switch, the "pigtail" - wires and plug (female end) as a unit... There is no need to short the contacts on the switch because they're no longer attached to the bike and have no effect on what the bike thinks to do anymore. So, You merely meant to say that the two contacts you want to short are the ones still attached to wire that is still attached to the bike... Does this make sense? I'll try and take some clarifying pictures to post this weekend.
The engine wouldn't shut off if you put it in neutral before lowering the kickstand.
you are correct doomsday, it when you put it into gear and the kickstand is down that the engine turns off...
Not that I am a safety nut, but I think this is very dangerous.

http://www.newninja.com/index.php?topic=903.15 < This is what happens when you lube the chain 'quickly and dangerously'.

I don't think its worth putting it up while driving away just to look cool...and what happens if you forget to put it up? Kiss ya arse (and yer bike) goodbye.

good words of advice (and reminder) red rider... ;)
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