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Or those of you who know, I'm about to turn 18 on December 17th, and I'm planning on getting a ninja 250! Probably a used one 08-09 range. Found a few good deals but will be more sure when the time finally comes. Anyways, what in trying to get at is, I've been preparing by collecting my gear little by little so I would have it all and be safe when I got the bike. I now have gloves, helmets and a jacket. Working on boots and possibly some new pants but I was wondering how KBC brand helmets have worked for everyone. I have 1 medium KBC TK-8 helmet and 1 HJC CL-14 graphite series Smoke helmet, also medium. My brother who owns a Yamaha R6 has used HJC his whole riding life (more of a weekend warrior for about a year and a half). All three of his helmets have done pretty good according to him, so I was partial to the HJC originally. I like them both, and I got them for a fantastic price! They're in great condition, the KBC fits a bit tighter. I guess what this long winded post is for is how do kBC helmets hold up versus some such as the HJC. I'm beginning to like the KBC more, though I haven't used either on a ride yet. Any input would be great. Thanks in advance :)

Not sure if the pictures posted. If not I'll post them in a sec.

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