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I saw a pic posted a little bit ago, and i've heard of this bike..
is the Balius like an older cousin to our ninja 250s?? lol

i know - random way of putting it, but on wikipedia i jumped from the Balius to the Balius II/ZX-2R and then,
straight to our ninja 250.
anyone know?

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The Balius is the naked downtuned, still in production version of the ZX-2R, currently out of production. It's a straight 4 revving to 19K and putting out about 40hp. Check the thread: "I'm so pissed off right now"

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Here is a beautiful Kawasaki Balius from Japanese custom shop - Double Motor Works.

A stock Balius produces 39.5hp, revs upto 21,000rpm (Can that be right!) and weighs 151kg. Very impressive for a 250cc motorcycle

Front suspension: GSX-all for R1000
Swing Arm: GSF1200
Rear Wheel: GSX-R1000
Sheet: a one-off one-tail
Frame: Frame one-off sheet
Rear Suspension: Tsu’s Quarry GPZ900R link plates for one-off
Upper Cowl: a generic one-off aluminum plate mounted +
Front fender: Carbon
Muffler: One-off tail pipe
Silencer: Monaca
Electrical BOX: One-off
Battery BOX: One-off
Disc Rotor: Front and Rear Wave Rotor

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KAWASAKI Balius II 249 (1996 - 2008)
Description & History: Kawasaki introduced the Balius II in 1996 with little modifications to the bodywork, suspension and electric wiring. The Balius ZR 250 as it was officially called, had 250 cc engine that developed 39.5 hp at an impressive 14,000 rpm. The bike was aimed at the beginner segment, displaying very comfortable ride position, easy handling and stability and predictable acceleration.

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