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Just my vote, but 4 makers of top gear would be AlpineStars, Dianese, Tourmaster and Puma.
All 3 make boots, gloves and 1 piece suits or 2pc pant/jacket sets.
If you're just street riding, go with a 2 pc suit. 1 pc is for track riding.

Helmet - the best out there for the money is Shoei, but HJC, Bell, Arai and AGV good products as well.

Bear in mind - what you want is quality but also the best fit. Read: armoured in the right places and snug so the armour doesn't float around. Level III. CE certified armour will offer zero protection if the chassis is loose and doesn't keep things between you and whatever you land on.
With bike gear you generally get what you pay for, but the best fit may not be the most expensive out there.

To use a personal example: by sportbike standards I'm a very large rider. Such that it is really hard to find good fitting gear. Most manufacturers figure that dudes my size are riding hogs, so they offer very limited options for plus size sporters.
I found a pair of really good quality leather pants with CE knee/hip armour, and knee sliders made by Vulcan. They fit like the proverbial glove, and cost me about half as much as the Tourmaster.

There's a host of info at Revzilla.com or sportbiketrackgear.com under Ratings and Reviews. There's also no substitute for holding the gear in your hands and trying it on.

Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

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No worries, thread has been moved.
Saturnom, I'm assuming you're new to forums of this type, so it pays to have a look around the site first and ask yourself the question "What is the best section for this question to be asked?" I've had to do it a few times myself, so don't feel bad about it!
Something else to keep in mind is using the search function at the top of the page. I know when you first start out, you have sooooooo many questions, and everything seems like it is the most original question anyone would have ever asked, but believe me when I say......It has more than likely already been asked!!
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