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just fitted area P full system (question)

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hi guys n girls

just fitted my new system and was wondering what you guys do with the sensor from the header pipe ?

at the moment i have just clipped it up using the clip on the side of the engine.


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What I did is.
Look at the pictures.


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u must have the FI version cause mine didn't have a sensor
Yes,I do.All 250 rider here in Thailand do.
After changing the exhaust system I do not have to worry about fuel ratio.Nore do I have to worry about the type of fuel I'll use.I don't even have to think about cold or hot starting.The ECU calculates and does all that automatically.
So is that a knock sensor?


Well there you go.

Hey great pics to Eric, might have to make this into a how to :D


Yes,it's an O2 sensor.Thanks whitey121.

For those of you who never seen an O2 sensor b4.Here's how it looks like.


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Thats pretty damn cool.

I'm still peeved we didn't get FI here. :(
Dont worry.Your time will come.

We waited over a year before we laid our hands on the first FI once.

The Europeans got the priority.And all of them were made here.Unfair!
*does a little dance*
Great mod pics eric. Yeah this should be on the how to section.
i just bought the m4 full exhaust....so excited but how come i do not have an o2 sensor but some bikes do and what else do they have that i dont have?
Fuel injected or Carbi... depending on what country you live in.


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