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just about done picts...

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I am just about done with what I want to do with my bike. at least with the current budget I am on. Here is a better pict of the fender elim in the daytime. as promised.

Lowered front and rear
Aftermarket Yoshimura slip on .
my exhaust hanger
( hopefully avail. to the public this week in black and alum )

Fender eliminator kit
painted heat sheild

Carb.tuned and rejetted and needles shimmed.
Added black vinyl and hulk stickers.

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OMG Those flowers are awesome! They're so yellow you must really maintain them quite well errr...BIKE! LOL

Zartan I am very jealous of your bike, I want green so bad its killing me, with the yoshi exhaust! Essentially you're showing me my dream bike ahaha. Looks great, I hope one day my 250 (when they get them in) will look like this.
thanks,Actually that rose is one of my no brainers. It just grows and blooms with my general neglect.. It is really nice.

err bike...:)
i wanted rear sets but have a crappy knee so not a good idea for me. Atech has some bitchen stuff. expensive!!!
Hope ya get yours soon. It is a tough wait for sure.
One picture?!? Come on you can do better than that :p Least its a good one!

How are the law makers over there in regaurds to the fender elim?


Felix said:
One picture?!? Come on you can do better than that :p Least its a good one!

How are the law makers over there in regaurds to the fender elim?


I didn't want to be a photo hog. about the law. Don't know. but it is better sometimes to ask for forgivness then permission.
What you trying to say :D

Yeah, well I just heard a guy on another forum went for a ride on sunday along the mountain I did on thur and sat, and he got dont for one. One point off his licence and $75 fine. I just hate it so much, it ruins the bike and also effects my next two mods.

Might just have to stay away from copland.


your police are nazis. geez.... points off licence. egads! Our cops are pretty cool out here but we are in the country . I hope I don't prove that wrong.. I kept the original pipe and fender just in case...They just hate speeders and texters.
Are your other two mods a secret.??
I think that is rediculous, as far as the fender eliminator goes, i think as long as the plate is legible and visable they shouldnt be able to do anything about it.
Might have something to do with throwing up debris.
that is where the james bond oil slick comes in handy.

oh I forgot I still want to tint my windscreen and just ordered new pegs.
it goes on and on.... I need to sell a couple of houses for sure!! :)
good thing Business is finally picking up :) :) :) !! I am not good at being slow at work. it drives me mad...and makes me internet shop for parts more. dangerous.
zartan said:
Are your other two mods a secret.??
For now. :D Nothing special just like to complete things first.

crushedcamber said:
Then tell them not to ride so close ;)
Yeah thats my argument. Unless its right to the ground its not going to stop everything. I guess their argument is it will minimse the amount of stuff heading towards a windscreen. But they shouldnt be that close anyway.


flowers hahahahaha f***** virtual dude! looks great man nice bizike!
nice bike :p did u notice much difference with the Re-jet and shim?
headhunta252 said:
nice bike :p did u notice much difference with the Re-jet and shim?
yep! crazy but true.
Fender elim is illegal? :p Bugger.

If I get my loan for a ZX and pulled over on it, I'll instantly be loosing 4 of my 5 demerit points :p Provided I've got my P's by that stage anyway, Which I can do in a month, so hopefully my loan will clear and I can get a bike delivered in that time frame.
Yep illegal up here in joe's state. Trying to find out the specific details, but it has to do with the wheel needing to be covered from an angle of 45 degrees from the spool.


:/ Why do the police want to hurt us motorcyclists so?

I don't think it is a profile issue Ratty I think they are just trying to have some standards.
probably because of the 2 Fu#%Kers who went buy us yestereday on a country 35 mile speed limit road- one a illegal 2 stroke dirt bike and a sport bike. They were going prob' 75 with full on wheelies. No wonder everyone hates us. I am sure the people who live there with thier kids and pets were pleased.
dang that Yoshi looks freaking sicks on the green, ive heard the Yoshi just doesnt sound very good. I havnt heard one in person and dont really trust any Youtube vids. btw are the exhaust hangers available to the public yet... i mean for WHEN i get my bike?

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