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juice box!

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they dont make it for the 250 but the guy at cycle gear idk if he knwew what he was talking about said it would be good to have one on it...? thoughts?
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Same thing as a power commander it appears. They don't have one for the 250 because its carb'd. Those are for EFI bikes only...
see i knew it! that dumb guy was like ya it could work on the new ninja....i was liek but its carbuerated...then hes liek yea it will work...what a lying salesman. !
Yep, salesmen will say anything to get ur money...
haha but it was at cycle gear i doubt he get commision
Pretty common in the performance industry, people are just seriously uninformed and uneducated.
DanJohns21 said:
haha but it was at cycle gear i doubt he get commision
They do make a EFI Ninja. Maybe thats what he was talking about.
ya he was dumb, he thought all the new ninjas were fuel injected
hey all just joined the forum, but you are right turblown the power commanders alter the ignition and fueling maps of EFI bikes to give better throttle response, power or torque with certain upgrades such as aftermarket exhausts or air filters.
and ure also right stockwall, i live in the UK and i have a ninja 250 on order (in green cant w8!) and europe has the fuel injected model to get round emissions regs but WHY someone in the USA is tryin to flog a power commander for a bike that is clearly carb driven is beyond me! people should take pride in what they do for a living and learn about what they sell!
Welcome Mossy,

geez I did not know what this was so read about it and in the ad it clearly states
"Your electronically fuel-injected motorcycle/ATV can now boast improved drivability and more power with the Two Brothers Racing “Juice Box™” fuel controller.

so even I know it is only for EFI now. It is the same with most toys.
Find your educated salesperson and reward them by staying loyal!
umm are you making fun of me? because i talked tot he sales man first then got the site and i was cross refering to you guys to see if it is at all possible. PSH.
I wasn't making fun of you at all.

I really did not know what a juice box was. now I do and the sales guys should have known also, that was my point. You were correct in cross referencing. That is how we all learn . No I was dissin the salesperson for telling you something he didn't cross reference. They are supposed to know . That is why we pay them.
I haven't noticed anyone here really making fun when it is an legimate question. That is why I like it here.

Here is an example of recent salesperson trying to set me up in summer only high proformance tires when I asked for all season. I almost bought them but decided to cross reference myself... I won't buy tires from them again that is for sure.
ha salesmen! why do they care! they dont get commision i am a sales associate at walmart, i dont push things on people because i could care less i ask them if they need help and tell them about what there looking at , nothing more, not buy this instead unless i actually think its better price, qulity
I am a rockin good salesperson that is for sure!! so I expect that from others. I get commission only but still do not push. No need to when you provide stellar service :)
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