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Joys of being a Lady Rider?

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So let's hear about some of the things you've noticed, just b/c you're a lady riding!

I went riding with the hubby last week, and this other lady rider was standing and watching us go by, and was yelling at me something like, "YEAH SISTER RIDER!!" I was cracking up, but I do love seeing other women out riding.

And I have to admit, I totally LOVE the looks I get from being a girl on a cute bike. That blonde ponytail hanging out of the helmet makes people do a doubletake!

And unlike some other people, no one really says anything negative to me about riding a motorcycle...they usually express that they hope I ride safe, but overall, most of them think it's cool, especially my bible study ladies! lol!!
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I agree...everyone gets excited when they see a woman on a bike! All the time, when I pull up and take the helmet off I hear, "GO HEAD GIRL" or "OMG A LADY IS RIDING THAT?" Lol...Also a lot of women at my job get inspired to get a bike. I'm small (5'4 125), so theyre like if a small 'thang' like you can ride, I should be able to too!
This is precisely why liberals should ban twisty roads. They hurt people.
lame ..they should have taken it to the track.
I found that video kinda amusing tbh.. :p

Good she got right back on another gixxer 1000, girls got more balls than I ever will riding one of those. :p
zartan said:
lame ..they should have taken it to the track.
Exactly Zartan.
Take it to the track.
just wanted to show that girls can also kick ass at riding yeah track on a 1000 but oh well now you know! hahaha, shes good!
She was good!!
but dang it that was crazy. glad she met no oncoming cars. but all is well she survives..
So R6 what are the "Joys of being a Lady Rider"?
I'm just kidding, but really why are u posting in the ladies section?
yeah! she best have lived she is going to teach me how to ride! i dont think ill be paying much attention if im behind her though if you know what i mean ; ) hahaha jk
delta , R6 no fighting kids... :) I feel a fight coming on
I'm just asking. I'm just curios If he is aware that he is posting in the ladies thread? I'm not trying to start a meaningless immaturity fight.
pshh i used to be a girl i have the right to be here! hahaha jk i dont know i forgot this was a only girl zone all i seen was just the joys of being a lady rider and i can think of alot..... hahahha my bad my bad hahaha
Man, I'm off this site for a couple days, and the kids are acting up! ;) Totally kidding, back to the original topic though, which is aimed at responses from women, about what they find different about riding due to being a woman.

Speaking of, I was out riding this past weekend, with a group of guys I didn't know, one of them made the mistake of asking me if my bike could even go on the highway, if it could get up that fast. Hehe, he got the stink eye, and then when we were all cruising on the highway, I bided my time, waiting for when they were unaware, and then passed all five of those boys. It was stinking awesome, and the first time I've had the bike up to 100. NOT recommending that anyone go out and do that just to show people up, lol, but I personally just can't resist a challenge, especially when it means passing a boy. ;) The rest of the ride, they'd be ribbing me about something, like "when you gonna get a real bike" etc, and all I had to say was, well, I passed you didn't I? LOL, so stinking fun!!
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Sounds like you had fun. It is hard to find good people to ride with. You were going fast!!

Crazy Maggie could be your new name J/K :}
Lol, well, wasn't that fast but fast enough that I knew I shouldn't be doing that....
so what actually happened? i gasped when i saw the video! glad you are ok....props to wearing full gear...
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