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is the stock stater enough?

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i plan on adding a few mods to my bike and most of the mods are electronics based, and i am worrying that maybe the bikes stater won't be able to pump out enough juice to power all of the accessories i want. they include police siren, hide-a-way strobes, radar detector, hid retrofits, 12v power ports on the front and back for charging my cell phone and my zune, and maybe a small audio amp (have not devised a good plan of action for this yet) that would take about 1.5 amps to run.
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You mean alternator. You can always have it upgraded and internally rewound. Usually $250 to increase its amperage. It will cost you more HP though as parasitic drag increases.
i made the mistake of calling it an alternator at my work and was very quickly corrected. they told me in the bike world its called a stater. everything i know pertaining to bikes is all harley based ironically i hate harleys lol. so if any terminology i may use be incorrect i apologize.
do you think the stock stater/alternator will work for my mods?
My bad I thought you meant starter. Yes its a stator on a bike lol. I'm not sure you'll just have to find out...
Just one question... What's the police siren for? haha
It really doesnt matter what you call it, it works exactly the same as a cars alternator...its just built into the case. I have to agree with turblown, the best way would be to pull it apart and have it rewound... and yeah, whats the siren for? lol
cause police sirens are fawkin sick! lol
no its for the electric air-horn feature they are loud as mess, next time you see one of your local popo's rolling around ask them to let you hear there air horn and manual siren. i also want to mess with my friends im not gonna lie/
Haha, they are over here..........well, technically. But you will still get pulled over and more than likely given a ticket. I play music with the chief of police where I live and he said if you can pull a wheelie going 60 mph, be flawless, not speed and be in control 100% then he said you can wheelie all day long.
I'm pretty sure you'd get arrested for doing that over here. They really look down on the unicycling on public highways.
Dewby, when you do this mod you gotta post a video and some pics for sure.
this due wants to get popt make sure u get pictures when the cops mess u up man
StockWall said:
if you can pull a wheelie going 60 mph, be flawless, not speed and be in control 100% then he said you can wheelie all day long.
Im no english major but isnt that KINDA an oxymoron, haha!
Here where i am in NC the law is you can have sirens, strobes, and police crap all over your car and its legal... until you use the sirens, strobes, and police crap on a public street... then youve went from being to legal to a possible 5-10 years, lol.

Zzka24detzZ said:
Most Hott Chicks Dont Know The Difference Between a 250 and a 600... and I Am Not Gonna Be The One To Tell Them.
HA! :D thats great! and totally agree with you... I had a hottie telling me to do a wheelie at a light yesterday and i kept shaking my head no and she kept shaking her head yes and giving me an adorable pouty face... it was so cute... ;)

228W at 5,000rpm.... (huh, no wonder my battery is ALWAYS charged....)

Ohm's Law V=IR Volts (V) = Impedance (Amps) x Resistance (ohms)
W=VA Watts(W) = Volts x Amps
These aren't horribly accurate, and even then only as accurate as your instruments, but ya know, they'll get you by. Figure in a 10% error and you should be good.

Don't forget to include ALL these:
-ignition module
-entire light circuit, IE headlight + turn signals + break light + instrument lights

Or you could just do it the easy way... Start adding components and measuring your battery voltage after every new addition... Once you start to see it drop below 11.2 you know to add no more...
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