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is it totaled?

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so my lovely little sister just turned 15 and got her lerners permit so my mom took her around the block to help teach her to drive, while pulling in the drive way she somehow mashed the gas and not the brake and went strait into my bike and fliped it over and against the stairs infron of my house. it did nothing to the car but as for my bike... both side fairings are recked the tail fairing is beat and the headlight fairing is broke and the front fender is scratched up pretty good along with the headlight the shifter is bent the tank has a little dent and my tach and fuel guage arent working. to me it seems as though alot is wrong.. im taking it saturday to get a damage estimate but do you guys think theyll total it? its a 2011 ninja 250r white se.
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and i forgot to mention the left side turn signals are broke
Wow. Laugh or cry? That's a hell of a story to tell Idrive! And sorry to hear about the battered bike. Wow.

As for the write off? Just a quick look at Babbits on line gives a total for these parts as almost $1,400. If that is all that is wrong and the gauges issue is not major, then the bike MAY be repair worthy being that it is so new. Of course, if there is more than just cosmetic damage, or the paint and labour process will be very expensive, that could push you into write off territory.

She sure smacked it good. That's a lot of tumble damage for aparked bike. Good luck!
Yo dude! Do you have full coverage? Cause you could make out on this... Yes, it will probably be totaled. An insurance estimator will have to take a look at the bike, and a shop as well, to estimate repair costs... If it gets totaled.... Take the money, buy the bike back, and fix everything yourself.... At least, that's what I would do if I were in your situation.... EVEN just to part it out and make some money on it...
Wow. Laugh or cry? That's a lot of tumble damage for aparked bike. Good luck!
well cry first laugh now, and yeah it is, she hit one side at what my mom said was 15-20mph than the other side got smashed up against the stairs. so it got worked over pretty good.
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