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ive been looking and looking for a good motorbike intercom system, but not just for pillion passengers, i like to go riding with mates and id love to be able to chat to them even when there a good 2km ahead of me (i think thats like 3.2miles for u yanks :p) if anyone has any idea where i can pick these up and the kinda price im looking at that would be awsome..


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Yeah, we have the Blueant F4 intercoms too, but you will not get the 2kms distance you want. Maximum range we have seen is about 3-400metres, and that is only in a straight line. If there is a corner or long bend you will here what sounds like pots and pans rattleing in your ears.
I read a review somewhere recently that showed a comparison between 4 different models It has just about everything you will need.
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