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Installed speakers and amp

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Ok, Yes I did it. My fiance went to Vegas for her bachelorette party and I cleaned house. While cleaning came across my drawer of miscellaneous box of electronics and a thought occurred for a project. So I installed an amp, MP3 jack, and 2 speakers so my ninja can rock out. And with a helmet it is loud enough to hear. And before you chastise me for noise pollution I rarely ever use it and only do to show off to friends, cruising with friends, and other nonchalant activities.

What you need
- cheap amp, wattage is not displayed on it, that is how cheap it is
- lots of wire
- power over ride switch
- speakers
- MP3 jack or just use an exposed cable jack

First I took off all the fairings so I could wire the whole bike and install the override switch. Cut out a hole in the inside fairing for the speakers. Attach it all together and BAM.... Music.

Picture of the MP3 jack tucked to the fairing... I did this so my MP3 player can stay in my pocket and not have to worry about it falling out

Here is a picture where i put the manual override switch to the power, just so I can kill it at any time.

Placed the amp underneath the rear seat for easy access to change bass/ treble/ main volume if I need to

Installed speakers on the inside front fairings, didn't have a saw but a hot knife did the trick!

And here is a video I made so you can hear it.
2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250r w/ stereo
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That is SWEEET! How would any water or dirt do in that? Are you going to seal up some stuff?
Hahaha thats wicked! Love it!

Next step?


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I really dig the orange on the bike, oh and DC's the only way to go :p

Great job with the mod bro, thats a first for the site I believe.
way cool! Time to go cruise!
How loud is it though?
Nikolaos: I was thinking about putting a baffle on the back sides but that would go against my zero dollar job... will just wash the bike carefully and avoid puddles as much as I can, Once they die or break I may buy some marine audio speakers.

Virtual: Thanks for the color compliment, (as a SF Giant fan could only go one way) It is pretty loud, I can hear it up to around 55mph with full helmet on with shield down... Highway wind noise makes it impossible to hear... My Zune doesn't shove as much power to the speaker jack as a Ipod (to keep battery life higher I think)
hey thats sweet. be listening to some music and people hear what u are jaming to . instead of wondering why u are notting your head .
You've just inspired me to do this same mod. Just ordered the same "cheap" amp off ebay. :)

Coming from china, it won't be here until May lol.
Got my amp today and Installed speakers behind the speedometer. It's pretty cool. I'll install a kill switch this weekend.

I want to make a gps/phone dock in near the dash so I have easy access to my playlist.

Any idea where you got your mp3 input that is mounted on the side of your bike? I have a cable, but yours looks much cleaner.
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