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Installed LED turn lights

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Hey all, just installed a pair of LED turn signals on the ninja (teaching a buddy how to ride and......kaput). I read up on all the post in this site asssssss possible and talked to the dealership/ club service department So here is the deal

I connected a pair of LEDs to the wiring and turned on the turn signal.....outcome= lights turn on (bright) but stayed solid.

So i installed an "in-line resistor" (02)....one for each LED turn signal........outcome= lights blink superfast and they are not bright.

i tried only one "in-line resistor" but it only blinked for that turn signal.....it was superfast and not bright

the tail lights are still stock.......so i cant ride until it gets fixed......(just got the bike jetted and been yerning to RIDE)

service center said that it should only take 2 resistor cause the whole turn signal assembly is all connected to each other

PLEASE HELP!!!!......

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try another resistor, and maybe a fourth....

Let us know what happens.

My guess is you'll have to change out your flasher relay...
Thanks spooph for the reply, do you mean try a different resistor or put another resistor on. if so, where would i place the two additional resistors.........I'm thinking that since the two rear stock signal lights are very dim due to not enough power, i can change them out so all 4 will be LED. I think i'm biting off more than i can chew. I will research more on flasher relays.



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You need a new flasher relay, one that is for variable load and is suitable for LED's. You have basically done the same as me, except I did the rears. I installed in-line resistors, and they flashed like crazy. Replace the flasher with one from an automotive electrical place. Take in the original one which is under the seat on the left hand side, and ask them to match it up with a new one that handles the LED's.

Let us know how you get on.
Cool......sounds good.......i'll leave on the resistors for now and install the new flash relay and do trial and error from there. i'll keep you posted Thx Zandit

So I"m not quite familiar with this yet, but as I understand it, the front and rear turn signals each have their own flasher unit.

LED draw a lot less amps than incandescent bulbs (basically a resistor filament which heats up and produces light - thank you Edison!). The stock flashers are build to work on the higher current (amps) draw from the filament bulbs. When you put the LED's in, there isn't enough current draw to actuate the circuit, or to actuate it very quickly.

The flasher unit is basically a 2-way electromagnet. It'll take much more to explain how it works internally. Basically, what you're doing by adding the in-line resistors is increasing the resistance of the LED turn signals to that appropriate for the flasher unit. Increasing resistance = more current (amps).

You could figure it out for yourself if you have an ohm meter (included on most multi-meters), and using Ohm's law. V=IR. V=voltage (13.8 ish on the bike while it's running, 12.4 ish while it's off). I = Impedance (amps) - this you can't measure without expensive equipment. R = resistance (ohms). You could measure the bulbs and then get your LED + Resistor combo to equal the same.

The reason they're weak is because the flasher unit doesn't have enough resistance, and operates very quickly, therefor never giving enough time for the LED to get it's full requirement of "juice".

So, if you stick in a few more in-line resistors, and the LED's start moving slower, they should also start getting brighter with every blink. If this happens once you've put in more resistors, you know you can do the same thing by replacing the flasher relay (one which runs at the same pace at a lower circuit-resistance). 2 ways to skin the same cat. More in-line resistors, or a new flasher relay.

Also, how to wire up the resistors: in series, meaning, if you have 2 resistors of the exact same value, and the strips are in the same orientation, the "top" of one resistor, needs to go the "bottom" of another. Don't wire the tops and bottoms together, and then put it in the circuit, that will yield results you're not looking for.....

Hope this helps and isn't too complicated....
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Wait a minute, I might have had that wrong. Can you post up what kind of resistor it is? A pic would be awesome!
If you look a bit I got a pic of it. It's this black thing and has a red and black wire coming out at it's end.
oh, oops, that's a big one! Would you be opposed to cutting off the heat-shrink tubing to find out what the value is? It will be printed/stamped in on the side... That almost looks like a 10 Ohm resistor...
I did it.....Thanks Zandit and Spooph....I got little LEDs in the front and rear, its not flush mounts but i guess it works the same......I did a little mod with the front turn signals cause they be too small and they fit thru the hole.......Pics with be posted shortly

Thanks again guys

Chamoru_SOULja ..........out
Here you go guys, some of these pics might help you out or it might not.......but here it is.

JOB: Change turn signal bulbs to LED.

MATERIALS: 04 LED turn signals/ 01 Electronic Flasher relay/ ur laptop to look up how to do this S*&$. like i did.

I took off the seat and rear left fender

I located the turn signal relay

Bought a Electronic Flash relay at Autozone for 10 bones

Plug the sucker in

Took out the stick and put in the new

I just cut the wires to the old ones and twisted and taped it up.

the REAR

Hope this can help someone.........

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******* nice work!


cool, glad you figured it out!
Thanks......took 4 hours to complete
Good job. That looks great. I like the stock turn signals . But those definitely look better
Nice!!. Did you keep the inline resistors on?
Whats up ghost, nope i took that big piece of junk wires off. I just cut off the wires from the stock turn signal and rewired it to the new ones, installed it back onto the fairings........then i got placed on the new electronic flasher relay (variable load) and put humpy dumpy back together again.

Awesome, I'm glad it worked out well, nice job!
THX again Zandit.

Nice job! I had the exact same problem with the front triangle LED signal light and found your post.THANKS!! I'm gonna try to get the resistor and relay tomorrow. But i only got the stock on the rear, and i'm not sure if it will work for me??
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