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Install LED signals without resistors

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The problem: When installing any LEDs signal in place of stock, the signal lights will stay on solid.

Half fix: Install an aftermarket ELECTRONIC flasher in place of stock (mechanical) flash will fix this problem. However, it will only work if you only swap out 2 stock signals with LEDs. If you swap out all four, all of the signal will flash (like harzard signal in a car) rather than left or right signaling.

Adding resistors: With all four signal swapped out, you can add resistors to increase the load to fool the system. However, if you forget to cancel out the signal, the resistor HOT. It'll get hot...too hot to the touch. Not good whereever it sits...It can melt plastics, wires etc. that it touches.

Solution: Adding diodes kit to the signal system.

You need to swap out your mechanical flasher relay to that of the aftermarket ones like CustomDynamics, CustomLED, or find a cheap one $4 electronic flasher at your AutoZone will work. After swapping out the flasher, install your favorite LED signals at all four corners of your bike. If you turn on the signal now, ALL signal will flash...I believe the tail light also flashes.

Then you need to make a diode kit. Basically just attaching the two diodes together & solder and shrinkwrap them (see attached pics) then add it to the bulb socket under your speedometer. The diodes should prevent the back feed of the system making everything flashes...your LED signals now should work like normal. To prevent this backfeed, you add the diode kit as below.

1) Make the diode kits...See pictures. Any 12volts diode will work

2) Twist/remove the signal indicator socket off the speedo. cluster (should have 2 wires attaching to bulb).

3) Cut these two wires.

4) Attach the two wires coming off diode kit (on opposite side of the marking on the diodes) to the cut wire on the bike's harness.

5) Attach the single wire on the diode (on the same side as the top marking of the diode) to one of the cut wire off the bulb.

6) Attach the other wire off the bulb (the only remaining wire) to the bike chasis (ground).

7) Put bulb/socket back into the speedometer cluster...

Credits: Ideas & Instructions were given to me by Todd at Custom Dynamics.

Disclaimer: If you cross wires or fuckup somehow and ruin your bike, I am not taking any responsibility for your action...

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This is an awsome right up, but all you need to get your LED's to blink is one of these.


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