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For some of us who grew up in sports (eg.football, hockey,baseball etc)we learned the effects of wearing a helmet and other equipment and grew muscles to help keep our balance of such use.My niece a novice rider who had successfully taken the motorcycle safety course but still wasnt use to wearing her helmet was doing a common shoulder check lost her balance and went down she ended up with just a few minor scrapes and bruises.But later told me she should have done more movement with her gear and helmet on while not riding her bike(leg bends,arm bends, turning etc.).She said if while wearing her helmet turned her head side to side and pushed on forward side to strengthen her neck muscles just a few times a day for a couple of weeks would have probably been enough to have prevented her from losing her balance.She now helps out with the motorcycle safety training as a volunteer and is taking small engine mechanics course for motor sports.hope this helps, Ride safe always
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