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Okay so i made it out to the promised land agian tday and what do ya think i came across ..................... Zandits cousin, a little porka. ;)

Along a bit further and just 60Mtrs of the track was this clearing, must have been something years ago i guess.

Onwards i go and into another track i shouldnt till i get some knobbies, Oh well. :thumb:

This rocky trail led me to....

....This log

Which i went over no problems but i had to return the same way and just about cleared the track when it chucked me off and bent the gear lever, quick fix and onward again.

Next road block was this, which is the first of two gates, they are doing some mineral drilling in the wilderness.

Cool no wheelies on bridge if its unlocked :facepalm:


Found a new road to no where :eek:

Then i found a little paradise :thumb:, nice spot to camp and i think some one had just left as the fire was smoldering.

Not to be eaten

Thats me done :Thanx::Thanx: :dance::dance:
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