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Welcome IndianNinja. It would be great to hear some touring stories with the 250. On this side of the world - where huge displacement seems important -a lot of people don't think you can tour on a 250 (though members here have proved that you certainly can) Some pics would be great. Have you made some mods to the bike for luggage?
ThanQ so much for the warm welcome BlackBoar. I do a lot of touring with my N250 rather than commuting with it. I have taken it through all sorts of terrain including off-roading which was believed to be the toughest but the Ninja sparked there too. I am a part of a biking club which promotes safe riding and super biking in India. We do a lot of touring and cross country riding. It is fun to ride! I'll upload some pics from my ride shortly.

Once again, thanQ for the warm welcome. :)
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