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Went to IMI a go kart track that they allow bike's on. Anyway here are some crappy pics. Felix has the good ones.

So basically how it works is you go up to the track pay ($35). Then you get to ride around on the track for 20 minute sessions. You are grouped up with all motorcycles and supermoto bikes. Its a very twisty track with 2 short straightaways. Then go karts get to go on for a 20 minute session. You are trumped by people who are renting go karts (There were a lot of rentals on Saturday) So I plan on going to IMI again on a weekday.

Also I shredded my boot. lol Time for some sidi boots. I will post a pic later. lol

Pic of the track:

On are way to IMI:

Suiting up:

Leaving, very bumpy dirt road:
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