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No, you do not need to rejet the carbs, but you do need to add more fuel. If you do not the engine could run too lean (not enough fuel) and detonate (fuel ignites BEFORE it is supposed to, causing damage).

If you are only installing a slip on muffler (not a FULL system) there is a cheaper and easier route to go. You can shim the needles inside of the carbs. The needles meter how much fuel is being delivered, and raising them with shims (washers) helps to add a bit of extra fuel needed after adding a slip on. You can find information on how to shim the needles here: http://www.newninja.com/how-to/shimming-the-needles/

If you are installing a full exhaust system, or plan on doing future modifications (air filter, ignition, etc) then a jet kit (rejet) is highly recommended. Most jet kits have adjustable needles and are dyno tuned. This gives you adjustability in tuning, which makes for better performance in the whole rpm range.
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