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I thought this vid should have a topic of its own.

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This guy was screwed over so bad, its remarkable how insurance companies, cops and most of all people (cagers) in general arent looking out for you at all.
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shit that sucks. sometimes theres just nothing you can do.
Yeah pretty rough shit, just hope he pulls through okay.
This is a follow up vid Mike aka ninjaseba made after his accident. This was shot just the other day. He contacted me after I commented on the video, we're going to start some sort of pay-pal account for him. His medical bills are so high that it would take him 20 years to pay off. Its seriously fucked up, come to find out he cant get any medical insurance because he has diabetes on top of all the problems he now has to face. This dude has to be one of the nicest guys i've ever talked to, if you could just go to http://www.livevideo.com/ninjseba to check out his biker vlogs and leave him a nice message if you could.

This is the follow up vid to his accident.

Thanks everyone.
bike insurance isn't going to pay for his medical? medical insurance?

i hope this guy gets some help from someone.
on second thought i hope the guy who hit him watches these videos and sees what he did to this guy. its really sad.
Pretty F-ed up, I'd be looking for that jeep driver myself. Payback's a BITCH !!!
Yeah its messed up very bad, just got an email from him about 10 minutes ago. He had to go to the hospital last night because he was out in his barn looking at his bike, slipped and re-broke his leg. How crazy is that shit? So he's bed ridden, in debt up to his ears and that jerk off hasnt been caught yet. Check this site out, scroll down and you'll see the hit and run report from the fire department. http://www.whitefordvfc.com/
He's got Bad Luck, WOW !!! He needs some good news.

Channel 7 news, "Earlier today a jeep grand cherokee laredo missing a sideview mirror was t-boned at an intersection by an 18 wheeler after running a stop sign, the jeep driver was killed instantly when his jeep was hit by the truck, flipped over upside down in a ditch, burst into flames and exploded, the truck driver was released with no injuries and faces no charges, the jeep driver was found to be at fault. Film at 11."

Hellyeah, now thats some karma!!!
BOX 614 - MVA - HIT & RUN
Saturday, November 1, 2008 - At 2058hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched to the intersection of Ady & Cherry Hill Roads for an MVA involving a motorcycle. At 2059hrs. Chief 6, U1496, & E1012 (Stand-by crew) called en route, shortly followed by R651 & A691. Dispatch advised units that callers were reporting a Hit & Run accident involving a motorcycle. At 2103hrs. units arrived and found a single motorcycle and operator lying in the roadway. The patient was evaluated as a Category C and Medi-Vac was requested to the scene. Medi-Vac was canceled due to the extended ETA and the patient was transported by land to Shock Trauma. Units cleared at 2140hrs.

Whiteford VFC expresses our sincere gratitude to the Norrisville VFC crew for the the 6 hour stand-by detail.

Units: C-6,E1012,U1496,R651,A691
You see the fire fighters uniforms with the glow in the dark (white) strips in those accident pics?

Idea - How about having a motorcycle's fairings painted with the same material, the whole bike would glow in the dark. And add the rim strips, too. How cool would that look/be?

Then, he couldn't say "Oh, I didn't even see him". He be saying "What the FUCK is that !!!".
Wow if that was the same guy that's awesome and its horrible for the victim. Its good because the guy got what he deserved, but the vic didn't.

Wow i sounded like i was from CSI when i wrote that haha i used the word "vic"
They have those on jackets, I've seen it at the harley shop, really nice leathers they carry. I think I saw a GSXR rider with Suzuki leathers that had those stripes on them too, they glow really bright, and you cant miss them.
Jester said:
Wow if that was the same guy that's awesome and its horrible for the victim. Its good because the guy got what he deserved, but the vic didn't.

Wow i sounded like i was from CSI when i wrote that haha i used the word "vic"
ahaha he was joking around man, dude i thought he was serious at first though lol.
I had to catch myself lol
I was just joking, haha. I do that alot. Some people don't get it, it's funny either way. ;D

I've seen this bike a chic had that had glow in the dark stars all over it, it was cool to see it in the dark, crazy graphics.
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