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I need opinions

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Gokay, so, struggling with youtube I've finally got this:
Bumblebee and CherryMJPEG.avi

and this one through Vimeo - same flick:

Which one do you think is best? That will be the one that I use in the future.
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Vimeo has much better quality, btw I've watched this video like 5 times now! Awesome!
Colour, full screen and sound better on the Vimeo version. Display format for forum post youtube is better.

Which was easier to upload?

What video editing software are you using?


I know Virt, I'm sorry, but I've attempted to upload it 13 times.... And thanks for the compliments each time I uploaded a new one, sorry I deleted them... :p

Felix, Vimeo is considerably easier than Youtube, but has a lot more stringent limitations (500MB) for the free subscription, etc.... Thinking about purchasing a yearly subscription through them. And then again there is the issue of Vimeo vs. Smugmug.... Anyways, still trying to figure out if IE or AVG was screwing up my uploads.

OH, and I use Pinnacle VideoSpin, it's free and can do a lot for being free... HOwever, if you want to export in a different format, like MPEG-2, which would be really nice, you have to buy the codec from VideoSpin, I think for something like $30.... I'm wondering if it's not my format that's been screwing up youtube..... So many variables to test, so little time... :) What do you use Felix?
Vimeo is clearer. But Youtube makes it kind of surreal which makes it cooler.
spooph said:
What do you use Felix?
Haven't decided on one yet. There are quite a few, but I think 'real' software will be the only way to go once I get my GoPro HD. I think 'free' software just wont cut it.

The majority of videos I'm going to upload are going to be short... lots of shorter vids seems like a easier way to go.




I was going to show the youtube one to my mom last night and all of a sudden it wasn't their. So now I can show her. lol
Is that going to be a good part of 'operation win D's mum over'?


Felix said:
Is that going to be a good part of 'operation win D's mum over'?

Pretty much!

Spooph mom said we can ride but GF has to be 100% ok with it. lol If GF not ok NO riding at all!
girly and I have an understanding.... Tis all good in the neighborhood. She'll prolly be my passenger when we go riding. :D

Zandit be quiet...

Felix, bite you're tongue (< weird spelling)...

Kenneth, no smack talk...

Did I cover the basis?

Oh, Crushed, shush....

:p :p :p

It's totally OK, in the spring she'll be getting her own moto, and there will be 3 little ninja's in CO, cause all the other CO members have evaporated...

And I think if D influences her mom's interpretation of the video appropriately, it could help with the mom situation.... as in "He's an experienced rider, and he knows what he's doing", and leaves out the "He also, like everybody else, can make mistakes, likes to drive faster than everybody else, dances in traffic and tries to push the limits where ever he goes...." :p
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Haha, well what ever gets her on the road with us for a adventure ride! Your girly to!


Well I showed her the first vid of "Spooph and Cherry" and these were the questions that came up:

What does that say on the screen (Im not tailgating im drafting)?
Why does he dance?
Why is he playing guitar?
How can he be on beat with the music is he listening to it?
What are cadgers?
Whats a squid?
Moms smart, she just doesn't understand how youtube works and all of the names for bikes. lol

Oh it was great. I also showed her your website and she goes "He has a little devilish look to him". Then I showed her your profile pic and she goes is he like a genius or something.

I told her how we want to get a bunch of 250's and go on a ride. I told her we think it would be funny to sound like a bee hive. lol I think she will slowly come around. lol
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Vimeo was clearer but it is hard for me to fast forward to a certain point when rewatching it.
Vimeo wins hands down on quality

I am not totally fond of You Tube because I try to use that for clients ( vids of houses for long distance clients)
and it has Related vids that really don't apply and sometimes dicey. I have found no way to not have those show.

sound quality was better with Vimeo
oh and around that 3.5 mark. I saw that light change haha!

Great shots and I hope you two get to go riding with Delta sometime.
i swear you had a ninja? what bike are you riding in that vid?
Ninja's under the girl friend, Spoophs on one of his project bikes, an eliminator.

Both vids are great Spooph, so I would go either way!!
I've gotta give my nod to Vimeo as well. Awesome video too. ;D

I was expecting at least a little front end lift at the end of that video Spooph... I know you'll try to appease you're adoring crowd with the next video though, right? ;)
Hey guys, all the ones I told to be quiet, I wasn't actually expecting you guys to listen... I was just trying to be funny and "preemptively" strike on the banter by telling you all to shush.... :p So let the comments fly, if you got 'em.. I'm not a prude.

Met, Zandit is right, the bike I was riding is a 1996 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL-600B2. A Really cool bike, and also, my very first moto EVER! :) I initially bought the ninja to be able to spend some quality time with the Eliminator and fix all of it's problems, then sell the ninjette again. BUt my feelings towards the ninjette have changed significantly, and I think I'll be attempting to keep the both of them for the rest of my life.... I would prefer, to at the very least, clock 100K's on both of them before I even think of parting with it, and then it will probably become a center piece in my house or something - make the base of a coffee table? LOL :D It's what taught me how to ride, how to crash in the snow, how to screw up many parts, and how to fix the problems one has created, etc. Currently I have close to 30K miles on this bike. (I got it with 16K, and it has 46K ish now).

Oh, and Felix, I have no experience with Photobucket, you should test it thought and report back... :p

HAHAH, Travisty! It is nearly impossible to lift the Eliminator's front end. Even on the 1000's because of it's long wheel base. You just can't get enough weight back far enough. It does great burn-outs though... :D But I will try next time, just for you!

Thank you all for the compliments, opinions and input. Vimeo it will be from now on.... I will be keeping my youtube account for the videos already posted there.
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spooph said:
Hey guys, all the ones I told to be quiet, I wasn't actually expecting you guys to listen... I was just trying to be funny and "preemptively" strike on the banter by telling you all to shush.... :p So let the comments fly, if you got 'em.. I'm not a prude.
Sorry spooph, buts theres not much to say! She looks hot riding that Ninja, just like Wifey does on her bike!!!! Well done getting her on the road!!
spooph said:
I will be keeping my youtube account for the videos already posted there.
So now I have to make a vimeo account...geez spooph, you're high maintainence!
You don't have to Virt, I'll always post them up, here....
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