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Okay, first thing, I'm sorry about the pics. They're off my cell, but I just wanna have some kind of image of my work.

So I finally got some mods done on my bike, pretty good if I say so myself. My friend came over Friday night and we went to town on the bike. To put the flush mounts on I have to take the old ones off, so that means the whole fairing comes off. So I ended up having to remove the windscreen, the whole top front fairing, and the whole headlight housing. With the way the signals connect, I had to cut and splice the old wires into it. That was the first time I ever did anything like that, but my friend works HVAC and has the basics down. SO we spliced up both sides and put the thing back together. *A note to other ZZR owners or anyone interested in a great comfortable sportbike: Putting the fairing back toether is a bitch. I had me, my friend, and then my dad just shining a shop light so we can see. You REALLY want to have someone help you with this, seriously it's a pain.* So anyway I got them hooked up and here it is...

The next thing I got done was the fender chop. I basically took a hacksaw the first go through and sawed it off under the plate. Then today I went to Wal Mart and bought myself a Dremmel as a late birthday present. Come to find out, we already had one, but it was missing the part, and what the hell, it's the first tool I ever bought myself, and it's nice not having to be borrowing my dad's stuff. So anyway I spent a good couple hours or so today on and off just cutting and sanding and cleaning the fairing up. This picture I have is of the work I did with the saw, but when I find the camera I'll get pics of the latest edition. It's basically just mounted all the way up right underneath the tailight. I jsut bolted the bottom of the license plate to the bracket instead of the top, and cut away.

Here's my Carbon Fiber Viper Racing can from www.flyncycle.comhttp://http://http://http://. Really high quality can, only 280 with shipping, excellent shop too. Would highly recommend.

Other mods I have, basically just a pro-grip tank protector.

What I want soon:

1. Pazzo levers, gold, shorty both sides, blue selector.
2. Double Bubble Windscreen, I think I decided on Puig...
3. ColorMatch Hotbodies Undertail (Ordered next week after my paycheck)
4. Integrated, clear lens, l.e.d. tailight (possibly ordered dthis week)
5.C.F. or black Hugger
6.Grip Pads
7. Kevlar Brake Lines (Ooooh)
8. (Pending seller question) 520 Chain kit, +2 rear sprocket

Stuff I bought:


Tank Pad:
(Both were cheap, signals $22, Tank pad $5! I'm sure they have more)

Remember, more pics to come soon! Better too, trust me!

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virtualmatrix258 said:
Looks great brad, how does the can sound?
Seriously, the can is as good as or better than my old Vance & Hines. It's quiet at lower RPM, but when you nail it she screams man.

hi-tech said:
awesome.. u probably want to cover your license plate.. just for security.. but other than that .. looking good man.
Oops I'll fix that...

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Here's a pic of the tailight I ordered:

Here's a thread w/ pics of it installed and vid of it working:


zzr 600 flyby

another flyby on zzr 600

ridin n curves on mountain zzr 600

I can make it backfire and spit fire and it makesthat burbling sound when I downshift and slip it so it's pretty much my favorite part of the bike right now til I get that tail end cleaned up...

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lol My paycheck was nice this week so I'm debating over undertail or levers or hugger? I want the levers cause my clutch is bent, and they're cool as hell. I want the undertail to clean the back up. but need to hugger to protect the undertail... so it's complicated haha

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Double Bubble and Clear Alternatives

So I got the new mods done, just a new windscreen and a clear taillight, the one I ordered was a Lockhart Phillips clear LED taillight with integrated signals, but they sent me a clear alternatives one with no integrated signals, and tried to tell me it's "The exact same thing" B.S. The website is www.morepowerracing.comhttp://, so yea... We'll see how it goes...


Lights Off:

Running lights:

Brakes on:

Double Bubble:


I want the morepowerracing on my swingarm and the small clear alternatives on my plate (why not?) what to do with the puig?
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