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I wrecked my 2008 Ninja 250 last weekend it basicly scared the living shit out of me...uh about $2,000 worth of damages. But I just have to pay the first $500.00 and the insurance will take care of the rest.
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So what happened?


Good thing YOU are ok. Yeah, what happened? Were you riding too hard? I've had a few close calls the last few days. I've locked up the back tire 3 or 4 times. I useualy down shift and use my front breaks more or as hard as the back but I've just been spacing. Maybe I'm getting too comfortable. Anyway, $2000? That means that there is $1500 of good bike left. Think they will be able to fix it? I want to see full pictures and write up.
Bummer I am glad YOU are ok. Bikes can be fixed. Sorry to hear you crashed. very scary
I was going a little bit to fast going into a curve and hit a patch of gravel. The entire left side is fucked. But I will be back on the road in no time hopefully by the end of this week.
Gravel is the bastard for sure .
Bummer about the bike , but better to hear the insurance your dealing with is bike insurance not medical.
Glad to hear you're okay sucks about the bike but its a good lesson for a noob like me to see.
My one-and-only down with my Seca was due to gravel and an off camber turn. Glad you're ok.
:'( sorry to hear that. You must have had gear on, good thing. ;D
Is it the tires? Or just the way gravel rolls when your wheels turn into it?
Hitting a gravel patch is just like hitting grease.
bummer man. good to hear your fine, shame about the bike..
so. gravel an grease steer clear from.. anythin else that has a slippery surface?
i hear the painted arrows on the roads wen wet? shit theres alot ill be needing to get used to.. :-[
manhole covers and rr tracks, wooden bridges( yes still a few left) Center of the lane at stoplights and center of parking spots are full of grease.
Oh, here's how to prevent the worst drop of all, the parking lot drop.

When you're "pedaling" the bike around to get it backed up/pointed in the right direction/etc, using both feet, keep your weight on your feet. Don't try to sit on the bike and push with your feet. One grease spot and you're going down with the bike. Keep the bike upright with your arms, and plant each foot and make sure of your grip before you shift your weight. If you're on a slippery spot, you'll feel it and have a chance to find a new stepping spot before you've committed the mass of the bike moving in a direction that you can't support.

Doing it this way changes "ohsht new blinkers" into "ooh, damn that was close."
That happened to me. But I was able to save my bike because I had full control on my feet.
ooh, that sucks.
i'll make sure to be cautious, i probably would have just "walked" the bike rather than supporting it
I would of probably been dead if I had be on a bigger bike that is a good thing about the 250. Its made for people like me to learn on..... alot of people down the 250 just because of its size but I really dont care..... as long as Im comfortable on whatever Im riding and the 250 will be my size for years to come. Thanks guys for caring so much about me being ok that really means alot to me. Just a reminder watch out for those gravel patches......... They will bite your ass quick and hard LOL.
Well I went to the shop today..... They have all my parts they ordered in except the gear shifter, and they said it would be around 2 more weeks before that came in. Allstate requires that all the parts have to be shipped before doing any work on the bike..... Im kinda pissed but I guess I cant wait it out I think bike season will last alot longer this year anyways because of gas prices.
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