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HOW TO- make a towel rack for under 15$ that works.

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Using pvc I will show you how to make a towel rack that will hold 4 towels and allow them to dry without touching.

NOTE: after building this I found that the structure was a slight unstable and needed added weight. For added weight skip past the end of this tutorial and I will explain how.

1. Wood saw\hack saw, PVC sheers.
2. Sand paper - 100-400 grit to smooth the edges off from cutting.
3. VICE for cutting or vice grips to hold the pipe to a bench.
4. Glue\adhesive you need either PVC cement or *5min epoxy
5. A heat gun \benzo torch**

**with the torch you MUST take care not to over heat the pvc or it will be much weaker than before, that being said you should use a vice ONLY when using a torch.

*note with the epoxy you MUST use the sand paper and rough up the pipe taking care to remove ALL dust after sanding.


1. 3x pieces of PVC 1\2in OD from home depot *1$ and a few cents a piece

2. 10x 1\2 in 3 way adapters 'same section as pvc pipe' 37c a piece here.

3. 2x 90 degree or 45 degree elbos 'buy both if your not sure what you'll need.

4. 1x pipe to pipe adapter

Now this is the finished product and what yours can look like 'I forgot to grab a can of Krylon spray paint to make it prettyful so forgive its crudeness at the moment'.

Now unto the build.

Your first step is to measure your 'legs' the 4 coming down, determine how long you will need \ want them. I used 24in for my legs.

Cut 4 legs, bend one at about a 45degree angle but no more then 80 degrees. Put it in the vice 'if you have one' with the bend down 'only after the bend is fully cooled' now align the other 3 legs with the same amount in the vice between all of them.

heat and bend them using the one you first bent as a jig 'so they are all bent about the same amount and stand even'.

Place the long end of the legs in one T connector, in the middle connector place the second leg. Now ensure your bends are close enough so that it stands well.

Place the set up on the ground and do the same with the other 2 legs.
Cut the pipe to pipe adapter 1\2 - 2\5th's from the opening, lather glue\epoxy on the side you cut and place the cut piece at the crux on the T adapter 'leaving it on its side' so that gravity will hold the glued piece in place. as pictured below.

However they should be facing the same way.

While that's cooking decide on a width for you're towel rack 'I decided that 18" was good though you may be limited by physical room in your bathing area.

Cut 5 of them using one to measure the next or remeasure each one.
Sand the burrs off of the edges so they are smooth.

now cut two pieces that are roughly 3\4in in legnth and place one in each 45\90degree elbow, set that aside until the glue dries.

15min later when glue dries.

Place 1 18" pipe piece in the glued adapter you placed on each T adapter allowing it to stand on its own. 'This is the time to twist the legs so they hug the ground well and get it as stable as possible.'

Find those two pieces of pipe you put off to the side with the 90\45 degree elbows attached.

Place them in the upper most part of the T adapter and align it so the opening faces in parallel with the lower legs.

Now I found 7" was perfect for this next part 'experiment by placing your hands at different heights to determine how high you like yours'.

Place the two cut pieces in the tops of the 45\90 degree elbows facing back over the legs 'so that the center of gravity will be almost perfectly well centered'.

Now that you have done this.

Place one T adapter on each 7in length with the T part pointing in and place 1 18" piece in there ensuring that it is nice and tight to help stabilize the structure.

Cut 5in lengths 'you will need 6 all together'. Now place one on the end of the two T adapters and place another 18" rod in there as before.

Do this until you have finished.

Congrats you are done and now ready to take a shower and try it out!

My bill not including the extra pipe so tack on 1$

Adding weight how to.

option 1. Quick Crete, plug the bottom bent part of the leg with something and pour quick crete in the leg until it is half filled.

2. Fill with sand and plug both top and bottom.
3. Find something else that is heavy and easily poured, plug top after filling, bottom prior to said action of course.

If you cut your fingers off I cannot be held liable for what your [email protected] did to yourself and by following this tutorial you accept the fact you may loose a finger or your life in the undertaking of this tutorial.

Best of luck

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