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Is your cooling fan coming on and staying on for extended periods of time? Does the temp gauge move into the red zone often?

There is a possibility you are running within normal ranges. A "correct operating temperature" is any temperature between the second low mark and the bottom of the red zone. If the gauge shows colder than the second low mark after the engine has been warmed up, or into the red at any time, that indicates a problem with the cooling system. Additionally, the bike's temperature will tend to run hotter during stop-and-go traffic and cooler out on the open road, due to the cooling effect of the wind.

In reality all metering gauges should be calibrated on a regular basis and sensors replaced, as some do tend to misread over time, but this would be rare for most motorcycles.

Just make sure you have the proper amount of coolant in the radiator. If the coolant has not been changed in the last three years or more, it should be changed.


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