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How do you install a gear indicator?

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My bike dont have one. How hard is it/
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My bike dont have one. How hard is it/
Hmmmmmmmmmmm...good question....:thumb:
Mine don't have one either.......:facepalm:
I keep trying to hit 7th n 8th.....:whistling:
I'm thinking if it didn't come with one.....
Probly be near impossible?
Must be they're inside the tranny if u have one.....n....
U'd need the place for the thing to be mounted inside?
With the needed wiring?
Unless they have something that just mounts outside.
NNNnnnnn....counts the shifts from the lever outside?
Maybe someone who really knows will come on.

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Well look at that......
I just know someone here would know where to find one....
Not 4 me, but maybe someone can use it....
I just use my rpms n shift when needed...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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