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Hot Summer Night @ the Races

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Delaware Speedway is a half mile oval track just about 10 minutes drive West of my house. It's a lot of fun to see the races there on the short track and they run a variety of series. Last night was "Armed Services Night", so we went with the kids and got free admission for the whole family.

The program included the Demar Truck Series, FT Garage NASCAR Late Models, and Powerade Open-Wheel Modifiers.

Official Pace Truck:

Demar Truck Series:

This guy flew over for a look-see. He lives near me and I see him drive around with his rig all bundled up on the back of his car. Don't know if I could trust it, but it looks damn fun!

This open wheel car is FAST!

This open wheel Monster is FASTER!!!

More Open Wheels:

and the NASCAR boys:

NOT afraid to ruff it up out there! A little duct tape and back in business!

Very cool to watch under the lights too:

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Wait a minute.... You live in Canada and you ride a motorcycle.... You voluntarily went to watch cars turn all day, and you're not morbidly obese, or talk slow, and have an IQ greater than 100? Were you feeling sick Boar?

No doubt the cars are fantastic, and concerning some aspect, the engineering is pretty sweet, but really, the layout of the track is just silly....

Or am I missing something and they did actually turn right?
No, you're pretty much on target. No right turns, just go fast, turn left, turn left, go fast, turn left, tun left, go fast.... repeat...:ermm:

To be clear, I'm not a NASCAR fan. I own no clothing that bears a number, and immersing myself in the crowd at the track makes me feel very good about my own body weight, level of education, personal hygiene, and goals in life.:facepalm:

Having said that, the small venue and close proximity to the tight track, combined with the noise ona hot Summer night as Summer winds down, it can be a great experience every once in a while.:popcorn:
excellent! I can understand the adventurous part of it. Glad you enjoyed it! As much as I dread it, I think I should go to one, at least once in my life....
With the right friends anything can be fun!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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